What Is Dubai Investor Visa?

Foreign citizens who want to start a company in Dubai or invest in some existing business in Dubai can apply for the Dubai Investor Visa, which is also known as the Dubai Partner Visa.

For the period of this visa, the holder of a Dubai investor visa has the right to stay in the UAE and come and go whenever they want. He becomes a UAE tax resident and is not taxable by the government of the country. However, this is according to the investor’s home country’s restrictions.

Requirements TO GET Dubai Investor Visa

To start a company in Dubai, you need to get a Dubai Investor Visa, and some of the documents that are mandatory for getting this Visa are:

  • Establishment Card
  • A photograph with a white background
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Copy of partner’s passport
  • Current visa of the partner
  • IBAN of the bank account of the sponsor
  • Copy of trade license
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor

Benefits Of Getting An Investor Visa In Dubai

  • A long-term and stable residence in the UAE.
  • During the visa period, you are free to go anywhere in the UAE.
  • You must pay taxes in the UAE, but you will not be required to pay taxes in your home country. Hence, it may also depend on the rules and regulations of your home country.
  • You can get an Emirates ID and a driving license.
  • A personal bank account can be opened.
  • You will be permitted to bring your parents, wife/husband, and children to the UAE under your sponsorship.

Types Of Dubai Investor Visa

When you set up a company in Dubai and apply for Dubai Investor Visa, there are its four types:

  1. Three Year Dubai Investor Visa
  2. Five Year Dubai Investor Visa
  3. Ten Year Dubai Investor Visa or also called the Golden Visa in the UAE
  4. Remote working oversees Professionals Visa

The Cost Of An Investor Visa In Dubai

  • The price of an investment visa differs in various cases. It costs around AED 13,000 to obtain a visa by a real estate investment in Dubai.
  • The cost of the 5-year visa or Golden Visa in UAE is about AED 650, while a 10-year Golden Visa is AED 1,150.
  • It costs around AED 1,035 for individuals who receive it by investing in a corporation.

Dubai Partner Visa Vs. Investor Visa

This visa is referred to as both an investor and a partner visa, although they are the same thing. An overseas investor receives an Investor visa. Because you’ll need to form a partnership with a citizen to trade or to start a company in Dubai, it’s also known as a partner visa.

You’ll be allowed to reside and work in the UAE for three years after receiving this visa, as well as you can sponsor family members.

Difference Between Dubai Investor Visa And Dubai Golden Visa

The Dubai Investor Visa is one of the visa types available in Dubai for anyone looking to start a company in Dubai on the mainland or in one of the city’s free zones. A partner visa is another name for it.

The Golden Visa system effectively grants long-term residency (5 to 10 years) to investors, entrepreneurs, those with exceptional abilities, such as researchers, medical experts, those working in the technical and knowledge industries, and exceptional students.

Property Investor Visa In Dubai

You can get Property Investor Visa when you invest in a property in Dubai. The value of a property should be at least AED 1 million if you buy it on your own. The minimum share of each partner must be AED 1 million if you buy a property in partnership. Nevertheless, the property must be residential and not commercial.

Validity Of Dubai Investment Visa 

The validity of Visas depends on the following cases:

  • Property Invested Visa: 3 to 5 years
  • Investment in a company: 3 years
  • Golden Visa in Dubai: 5 to 10 years