The boom in Amazon advertising has resulted in sellers having to come up with more and more innovative strategies to outpace the competition. From structuring your campaigns to managing your PPC budget and bidding strategy, everything has to be streamlined. Maintaining a low ACoS and focusing on earning a high ROI by considerably increasing sales is usually the main goal. Sellers have to do everything in their power to make the most out of their PPC campaigns and not lose money. 

PPC strategies can scale your business and ensure you’re on the right track. Advanced Amazon PPC campaigns are the best way to spread awareness about your brand and enhance visibility.

Here are some advanced PPC strategies that you can use to scale your business and make sure you’re on the right track to achieving your goals. 

Amazon PPC strategies

Carefully choose the products you want to advertise 

Any and every product is not a good fit for advertising. They have to meet certain criteria. One such criterion is the quality of the listing or the product detail page. The product detail page should be optimized with a crisp title, detailed description, HD images, competitive price, features, and USP listed out in bullet points, etc. Your product title should capture the shoppers’ attention and adequately match their search queries. The title must contain all the important keywords and give shoppers crucial information at first glance. 

The images used in the product detail pages should be of high quality and should showcase the product from different angles as well as include images of the product in use. The description should consist of bullet points with keywords used in every part to optimize it well for the A9 algorithm. It is important that your ad campaigns target top-performing keywords on your product detail page. 

Additionally, the right price and A+ content are important to have in your listings before deciding to direct traffic to your listings. It makes little sense to direct shoppers to a listing without the possibility of conversions. A well-optimized page works towards convincing shoppers to make a purchase after they click on your ad and get directed to your listing. This helps you receive more conversions and earn a better ROI.

Secure your own brand name by bidding on it 

Amazon PPC campaigns are the best way to spread awareness about your brand, enhance visibility, and exposure. If you own a brand, this will be one of your primary goals. It is important to perfect your bidding strategy. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is to bid on your own brand name.

If you don’t do so, it gives way for your competitors to bid on your brand name. Every time someone enters your brand name into the search box, your competitor’s brand and products will show up which decreases your exposure. Thus, sellers must bid aggressively on their own brand name to ensure they retain it and make it more expensive for competitors so that it deters them from doing so. 

Ironically, what you also need to do is start bidding on competitors’ brands’ names so that your products are displayed when someone searches for theirs. It works towards increasing your visibility and giving a powerful push to your sales. Since it is clear that bidding on a competitor’s brand is going to be costly, you need to set a budget and make sure that this activity is not depleting your profits.

Boost your profits

PPC campaigns work towards improving your brand visibility, conversion rates, and raking in high profits.

There are two ways in which you can set up your Amazon PPC Campaigns – manual and automatic. Automatic PPC campaigns on Amazon do not require routine monitoring of ads on a daily basis. All you have to do is specify a CPC or your bids and Amazon carries out all the other functions.

Many Amazon sellers choose manual campaigns because it gives them more control over their ads and spending. But remember, it is a complex task that demands dedication, time, knowledge, and some amount of expertise. What you can do is use a PPC agency like Sellerapp’s campaign manager – the best PPC management tool designed to assist you with everything ranging from keyword research to optimizing PPC budgets.

To ensure earning a good ROI from your ads, there are certain things that primarily need to be done like devoting time to monitor keywords and product listings so that they reach the most suitable audience. 

Use both automatic and manual campaigns 

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways manual and manage your PPC campaigns on Amazon – 

Automatic campaigns do not require any monitoring on a daily basis while manual campaigns require you to optimize everything on your own – budgets, keywords, etc. Using both side by side allows you to gauge the results and ascertain which one is more suitable for you and adequately matches your business goals. 

You should first run automated campaigns and then run manual ones. This allows you to obtain valuable keyword data which you can then add to your manual campaigns. This type of approach lets you use automated campaigns as a valuable source to discover new, high-converting keywords. 


To realize the full potential of Amazon PPC, you need to have well-defined goals.

Reasons or goals for advertising could vary – it can be either to improve sales, boost traffic to your product listings, or enhance brand awareness. After you’ve decided on your goal, select the right products to advertise. Formulate engaging content for your ads and use professional high-quality images that highlight the features of the product in your listing. 

Author’s Bio:

Arishekar N has over five years of web development experience and is the senior digital marketing strategies at SellerApp, Specialist in SEO, SEM, and best conversion rate optimization strategies that deliver industry-leading ROI. Arishekar has helped companies through more effective search engine marketing and SEO strategies. He is most passionate about working with e-commerce companies.