Around 8.3% of adults are switching to vaping.

Vaping is a very customisable experience if you know what you are doing.

One of the main ways to customise your vaping experience is by adjusting the levels to determine how your device reacts each time you draw.

Your local speciality vape shop can help you get everything you need to set up your custom device and get started on your vaping journey.

Today, we will learn how to use the settings of your device to give yourself the best experience.

Watts and volts

When you buy a mod device, you have the opportunity to customise the way that your device draws, the size of the vapour cloud it delivers, and the way that each draw delivers the flavour.

Two of the most important things to know when setting up your vape device is wattage and voltage.

Wattage is the amount of power that is delivered to the device per second, which affects the temperature.

Voltage is the force of the power delivered.

The amount of volts and watts is typically equal to what is written on the coil, and works to produce the right flavour and cloud size.

The level of wattage and voltage can be a personal decision, though most people and devices prefer higher watts to deliver a smoother throat hit and better flavour.

Fruity flavours are better on lower watt levels, whereas strong flavours are better with higher wattage.

Other helpful settings

Other important settings are temperature, VG, and PG.

VG and PG are usually found in your vape juice and determine the size of clouds and how smoothly your device draws.

Temperature determines how hot the coils are heated — which can also be controlled by different wattage levels.

When it comes to vape juice, a higher PG level will give a stronger throat hit, flavour and a low cloud level.

Higher VG levels make a low throat hit, lower flavour, and bigger clouds of vapour.

Most people like an equal PG/VG level — 50/50.

VG is thicker and often used to make sweeter flavours.

PG is thinner and used as the base ingredient.

Finding the best device

If you are new to vaping, you should start simple, since vaping is a different experience than smoking cigarettes.

You may find that for the first few times you vape, you will cough and have strong throat sensations.

A beginner should buy a disposable device with a sensored draw function — allowing you to get used to drawing.

Also, you should stick to smooth flavours that are plain to avoid having a bad experience as you adjust to vaping.

A trip to a speciality vape shop will allow you to have more options to make a custom vape device.

You can have more control over your vaping experience by adjusting the temperature and power of your device.

Adjusting the watts and volts on your device can improve the way your device draws and feels on your throat.

You can also adjust your device to control the size of vapour clouds that are dispelled.