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The Adia Jewelry online store provides product delivery services in several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

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What is Adia Jewelry com?

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Adia, meaning a gift, is an online jewelry store. They make the best jewelry around the world, allowing only a few unique designs that are part of their collection.

A design evaluation is done over a period of one or two months to ensure that the plan does not go out of fashion to identify with jewelry as a life companion.

They also make sure that each jewelry design has a story that is about your life and emotions. Adia’s priority is your happiness and grace. Adia believes jewelry is a strong expression of style and identity.

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Specifications of Adia Jewelry Com:

• Website type: Ecommerce website that sells jewelry.

• Website URL: https://adiajewelry.com/

• E-mail address: [email protected]

• Return Policy: Products can be returned within thirty days from the date of delivery.

• Payment method: American Express, VISA, Union Pay etc.

• Shipping Policy: Free worldwide shipping on orders over forty-nine dollars

Pros of Adia Jewelry Com:

• Adia Jewelry Com provides worldwide shipping

• You can get free shipping on orders over forty-nine dollars

• The site sells various types of jewelry.

Disadvantages of Adia Jewelry com:

• The site is less than a year old.

• Site contact information is unavailable

• The physical address of the store is not listed

Is Adia jewelry legal?

The Adia Jewelry Com online store was registered on October 6, 2020 and is an online store operating for less than a year. Therefore, buyers want to know that Adia Jewelry Com is a genuine or a bogus website.

We have thoroughly covered the information provided on the Adia Jewelry Com website. We found out that there is no customer service contact number. In addition, the website’s return policy is strict as it does not refund product shipping costs.

Also missing is the physical address of Adia Jewelry Com. We will also discuss AdiaJewelry reviews below to help us justify whether the site is legit or fake. Adia Jewelry did not receive any ratings based on the popularity of Alexa.com.

The site is not sharing any customer feedback as it has not yet received it. Besides, there are several advantages as the website has an SSL certificate, has HTTPS connections, and provides free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

As the site has both flaws and flaws, we cannot predict any particular nature of its legality and appears to be questionable.

What are people’s opinions on Adia jewelry reviews?

Adia Jewelry has been in the marketing platform for six months and several days, so it has gained minimal attention and reaction from buyers.

But since the site has its Instagram and Facebook pages, it has few comments and people seem to be asking about the legality of the site. Few of the customers said that they recently received their product and will be reporting it soon.

So you may come across a few comments on Adia Jewelry’s Instagram page, but they aren’t enough for us to justify the true nature of the online store.


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