A new revolution has already started in the job market. Young professionals seeking success in a new career must be prepared to face a lot of competition.Today, companies are looking for people who, despite their young age, already have life experiences that add value and quality to their activity. Gone are the days when only a degree guaranteed one’s future.

One of the most sought after ways by peoples to expand their resumes is to study abroad. Australia, a country in Oceania that has some of the best educational universities in the world and offers international students from basic English courses to postgraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.

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Do you want to pave your way to a successful professional trajectory? In this guide, learn about the reasons for choosing the city of Adelaide to live and study. Get to know the main information about the place, how the metropolis’ quality of life is and why this is the ideal destination for your great adventure. Check out!

Adelaide: A Brief History

Thousands of years before the first English Pathfinders arrived in Australia, the Adelaide region was the land of the Kaurna people. Even today there are descendants of the first inhabitants of this area, and their cultural legacy survives in various parts of the city, including places named after that ancient civilization.

European settlers only started to arrive in Adelaide in 1836. The English colonel William Light was responsible for planning the city, conceiving a project that provided for flat and wide streets, many squares and blocks surrounded by large parks, as in the famous “garden districts”, very common in European cities.

Unlike other regions of Australia, which were colonized by convicts from Europe, the city of Adelaide received thousands of free workers, who built a sophisticated and very pleasant place to live.

At the end of the 19th century, the city had many houses and buildings made of stone, as well as beautiful churches and imposing public buildings. At that time, citizens already had tram service available, which divided the streets with horse-drawn carriages.

Adelaide’s economy developed through agriculture and commerce, with great emphasis on grape growing and wine production, one of the main activities of the city and its surroundings to this day.

Currently, Adelaide is the fifth largest city in Australia, with great importance in the economic, cultural and social scenario of this country in Oceania.

Key information for Adelaide

Beautiful Adelaide is in the capital city of South Australia, in the southern part of the Australian territory. Bathed by the waters of the Gulf of Saint Vincent, this modern metropolis is also at the foot of Mount Lofty, a range of mountains to the east of the city.

Adelaide is the capital and largest city in the state, with a population of over 1.2 million people. It is about 720 kilometers from Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city.

As in the rest of the country, the Australian dollar has been the currency since 1966. Several small countries in Oceania also use Australian money, such as Norfolk Islands, Tuvalu and Nauru, among others.


The seasons of the year in Australia follow the same calendar as Brazil, as both countries are in the southern hemisphere. That is, summer occurs from December to March and winter from June to September.

During the hottest time of year, temperatures in Adelaide can exceed 30 degrees during the day, with milder nights and thermometers averaging 17 degrees. There is little incidence of rain in this period.

In winter, temperatures do not exceed 16℃, with lows reaching close to zero degrees. Between the months of May and September the rainiest days are concentrated.


Adelaide also follows the Australian standard for excellence in education, with dozens of educational institutions open to students from around the world. They are internationally recognized schools, with schedules that fit your learning needs, ranging from a few weeks to four years of study.

Students can choose from basic education, short-term English courses and intensive preparations for certifications such as IELTS, or even a full degree. With CatEight Course Finder, you can find courses provided by schools, universities and colleges located in Adelaide easily.

The city has the University of South Australia (Unisa), which promotes training in many areas of knowledge, such as law, communication, health, technology, exact and human sciences, engineering, tourism, among many others. Classes are conducted by teachers with experience in the labor market, offering students a dynamic and up-to-date contact with the professions.

There are four Unisa campuses spread across Adelaide and region, where the student has at his disposal complete facilities, with laboratories and other facilities that take the young professional to the same environments found in the best companies in each area of activity. For example: healthcare students can learn in a modern hospital, which simulates real workplace situations.

At Kaplan Business, which is also based in Adelaide, students can specialize in business-related topics, with undergraduate and master’s degrees in business administration, commerce and accounting, among others.

Located in the heart of the city, this school offers state-of-the-art computer labs, a complete library, private study rooms, outdoor living areas, communal kitchen, event space (barbecues and parties) and a game room. The institution has an extensive support service for students, in addition to its facilities being accessible to people with special needs.

Schools are easily accessible using public transport, with many lines serving the regions where the campuses are located. The surroundings of the institutions offer many facilities, such as shops, banks, hospitals, bars, restaurants and clubs.

Life in Adelaide

Many international students are looking for information about living and studying in Australia. The country of Oceania is one of the main destinations for exchange students from around the world, who seek to live the experiences offered by the excellent education and social welfare system of this incredible nation.Find out now what you’ll find during your journey in Adelaide, one of Australia’s top cities.

Quality of life

Australia is considered by the UN (United Nations) the country with the second best HDI (Human Development Index) on the planet, only behind Norway.

In Adelaide, history is no different, as the city offers its inhabitants ideal conditions to enjoy a great quality of life. The city has several beaches (read more below), as well as many green areas, where residents can practice sports or just walk in nature.

Like the rest of the country, Adelaide is very safe, with crime rates close to zero. Municipal authorities maintain community surveillance programs, where the residents themselves help to maintain security, in addition to a sophisticated monitoring system made up of hundreds of cameras.

The emergency services (police, fire and rescue) are very well trained and equipped, being always available for serious situations.


Despite not being one of the biggest cities in Australia, like Sydney and Melbourne, beautiful Adelaide is considered one of the best places to do business. Government authorities are constantly looking for new investments, which encourages the environment for innovation.

Adelaide has several coworking spaces, where young entrepreneurs can make contact with other companies and develop projects aimed at making life easier for the community. Every year hundreds of events and educational courses are held, which aim to promote the creation of new businesses.

The city has a large industrial and commercial park, which includes some of the most important companies in the world in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, information technology, telecommunications and electronics.

Adelaide’s internet network is one of the most modern in Australia. The fiber optic system provides access to the world network with a speed of 10 gigabytes, which guarantees the best navigation conditions and the possibility of great economic advances.


With one of the best qualities of life in Australia, charming Adelaide offers its inhabitants a huge network of leisure and entertainment. The city has dozens of green areas, where it is possible to practice sports and take outdoor walks.

The city has free bikes available at various points, so grab one and explore Adelaide from another perspective. It is possible to travel safely by bicycle lanes that connect the parks to the beaches (read below about the city’s edge).

Elder Park, which sits on the banks of the River Torrens, is one of Adelaide’s best-known public event spaces. Visitors can have fun sailing by pedal boat along the river, which has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the city. The venue has an extensive calendar of musical shows, scenic performances and celebrations. The most famous are New Year’s Eve and Carols by Candlelight, Australia’s most important Christmas party.

The cultural menu is also full of options, with many museums, art galleries, theatres, cinemas and concert halls, as well as an excellent tour of the city’s historic buildings, such as the imposing cathedrals of St. Peter and St. Francis Xavier.

Food lovers will find restaurants in Adelaide dedicated to international cuisine, with emphasis on oriental, Italian, French, African and Latin cuisine. There are thousands of restaurants with cool chefs, serving dishes from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

One of the most popular tours for tourists and locals is a visit to the Adelaide Central Market, a market opened in 1870. There you can find a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, seafood, meats, sausages, breads, cheeses and spices from all over the world. Enjoy the visit and taste the flavors of the meals and snacks served in some of the boxes.

In Port Adelaide, walk among iconic 19th-century buildings in an area where the city’s old wharves are located. This region is full of traditional Australian pubs, serving craft beers and local wines. Rent a kayak and sail the waters of the River Port, home to a colony of lively dolphins.

Another nice tour is to go to the Barossa Valley region, which is 1 hour away from the center of Adelaide. This area accounts for more than half of Australia’s wine production. There are more than 150 wineries, where visitors can visit the vineyards, learn about the production of the drink and even taste some labels.

In the town of Tanunda, also in the Barossa Valley, it’s worth going to the Barossa Sculpture Park, where you can see beautiful sculptures that are placed on top of a hill, with a sensational view of the region’s vineyards.

See other interesting points to see and do in Adelaide:

  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden
  • South Australian Museum
  • Mount Lofty
  • Morialta Conservation Park
  • Migration Museum


An attraction in itself, the beaches of Adelaide are considered the best in the region for surfing. The most famous waves are at Point de Pondalowic and Yorke Peninsula beaches, which are about 40 minutes from the city centre.

Glenelg Beach, near Adelaide’s central area, is a favorite with locals. With white sand and calm waves, it is ideal for a swim. The waterfront is surrounded by a boardwalk perfect for walking, as well as manicured lawns, which are a good option for a picnic.

In this region there are many bars and restaurants, offering meals, snacks and drinks with a privileged view of the beach. In Moseley Square, in addition to the many varieties of food, visitors find shops, services and tourist attractions, such as the Glenelg Town Hall, which has exhibitions that tell the city’s history.

For those who enjoy quiet and relaxing moments, it is worth taking a leisurely tour of the West Beach region, passing by Henley Beach, Grange to Semaphore Beach. These beaches have some stretches for bathing in the sea, however, the beautiful landscape is the great attraction, where the best locations in Adelaide are to enjoy the sunset.

In addition to the rich nature, the city’s edge has many leisure and entertainment options, with museums, parks, rivers, restaurants and bars, as well as shopping centers, cinemas and theaters.


International students in Adelaide, depending on the type of visa requested, can work part-time. The jobs available to international students do not require experience and are a great opportunity to learn more about Australia’s culture and customs. Besides, of course, getting extra money to help with the budget.

The most common activities are in companies in the food, hotel, trade and civil construction sectors. The vacancies are usually between customer service, cleaning, reception and construction assistant.

Although these professions are undervalued in Brazil, students must face these opportunities with an open mind. Australian society has a culture that any job is important, regardless of the professional’s position, level of education and salary.

When you accept a job, fulfill your duties with dedication and responsibility, as your employer will recognize your commitment and always refer your services to other opportunities in the Adelaide job market. Browse Australian employment agencies and find a job that best suits your profile.

Another benefit of working in Australia, in addition to the financial one, is the ability to learn English faster, as you will be required to interact with native speakers every day. Immerse yourself in expressions and vocabulary, acquiring fluency in a short time.

Public transportation

The Adelaide Metro is the public transport network that serves the entire metropolitan area ofthe city. This system encompasses the services of buses, trains and trams, which are vehicles on rails that travel through the streets of Adelaide.

Anyone who lives in Adelaide or who will be staying there for a long period can purchase one of the cards that offer unlimited tickets for periods. It is possible to buy a card from three days to a month, which can be used on all transport services in the city.