When working on a specific document, you occasionally forget the most vital elements of the file, which is the page numbers. There may be several circumstances where you converted a Word document into PDF and unintentionally forgot to add the page numbers. This might be more disappointing if you manage files with loads of pages, like books or research papers.

Page numbering helps in navigating and exploring specific sections within your documents. Besides, adding page numbers produces a more neat, presentable, and professional look to your PDF file. However, what if you forgot to set up page numbers on your due paper? In this article, you will discover a web-based tool that can assist you with your needs.

Introducing GogoPDF

With paperless and digital documents, it is vitally important to be well-equipped with the most remarkable resources to make them flourish. Others may think that paperless or digital forms are challenging to handle. But employing the proper tool, managing PDFs is not that intricate or complicated. GogoPDF is an online tool that has everything laid out for you.

GogoPDF creates a navigable and clean user interface for customers to locate the features you require efficiently. In fact, the page offers a free trial, and you will no longer need to subscribe, log in, or register to make use of their services. Of course, all of their functions are free to use wherever and whenever. Learning how to add page numbers to PDF is simple with GogoPDF.

A Simplified Procedure to Add Page Numbers To PDF

Try to visualize the printing of files without proper page numbering. As you can see, figuring out what comes first becomes a daunting process. Additionally, it’s simple for you to mislay a page, thereby modifying the document’s correct sequence. Understanding the significance of page numbering through GogoPDF is vital as it provides the ability to add pages on your PDFs.

Apart from high-performance quality, GogoPDF also guarantees your privacy and security of use. The website also provides a wide range of features that you may find influential and vital later on. With the utilization of GogoPDF, you can quickly create and organize page numbers. If you want to know how GogoPDF works, below are the simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Select the portable document format file that requires page numbering from the Number Pages platform. You can do this by double-tapping the “Select File” button on the toolbox. You can also view your file manager and then choose to drag the document to the site system. Wait for a fraction of seconds for the transmission to continue so you can head on to the next procedure.
  2. After sufficient file sharing, you can now coordinate and position where you want the page number to be located. GogoPDF enables its digital users to set page numbers anywhere in your PDF document according to their preferred choice or layout.
  3. When you’re delighted with where you’ve placed the pages on your PDF, you can then tap “Number Pages” and save your newly-numbered paper. Just like how fast the transmission of files is, you’re going to get the same speed and accuracy with downloading and saving. The download process will take only a matter of seconds, and your document is now ready for use!

What’s Next After Adding Page Numbers?

After the page number process, you can further make some modifications to your file. One example is through converting PDF to Word. With this, it means that your PDF file will become more accessible and editable. GogoPDF will extract the contents, scan your documents, and construct an entire Word file based on the portable document format file’s contents.

User-friendly Online Tool

One of the most crucial advantages of GogoPDF is its compatibility, which means that you will no longer trouble yourself in comprehending the installation procedure of any software. Making revisions and adding page numbers to a specific portable document will always be straightforward because the platform’s tool gets to execute and do the steps in Cloud support. 

What’s more, GogoPDF functionality works well on all of the most recognized operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. With a fast and reliable data connection, it quickly finishes the procedure, and connecting to an internet browser is not an issue. There is no other online tool that provides the same efficiency as to how GogoPDF does its job.


As far as PDF-related issues are concerned, GogoPDF is the most efficient PDF conversion tool you can find on the market today. The website uses cloud-based technology to ensure that all clients are secure and can perform any task in just a few seconds. Adding page numbers to your portable document makes it look more presentable, professional, and organized.