Do you want your book to be an audiobook? Reviews shows that this online platform has been useful to people looking to turn their books into audiobooks.

Whether you are a writer, producer or actor, you can earn money, engage skills, and build relationships with this US online platform.

You can also find designs or submit samples for the content you want to produce and make audio out of them.

If an author or individual has an audio version of their books, they can upload it to this online platform to put their recordings on leading retail channels.

Visit their university today and learn how to publish, produce and sell your audiobooks.

You can read this article for complete information on ACX.

What is ACX?

ACX is an online platform that helps you turn your books into audiobooks. You can browse reviews and learn more about this online platform.

Whether you’re an author, storyteller, publisher, agent, or studio professional, ACX helps you turn books and projects into audio.

You can also promote yourself via social media by joining the conversation, podcasting, maintaining your image and measuring impact.

You can also upload your designs or samples to the US ACX online platform.

What are the earning and production costs on the ACX online platform?

ACX provides its users with various options to use their budget and achieve their goals when creating audiobooks.

Before you start creating books and audiobooks, you should carefully check and read reviews.

They offer their customers many benefits such as earning about 40% of retail sales on Amazon, iTunes and Audible with exclusive licensing and distribution.

Users can pay the manufacturer a one-time fee to download full royalties and production. It also helps maintain distribution rights elsewhere.

You can also visit ACX University to learn and skillfully publish, create, and perform other audiobook creation processes.

Besides, they have other resources for audio production such as ACX audio transmission requirements, a glossary of audio terminology, and video lessons and resources.

Check it out on the official ACX website. Reviews:

There are a lot of reviews about the ACX. Many people are dissatisfied with ACX’s services and offers.

Lots of people are complaining that their finished audiobook has been canceled and ACX doesn’t give any explanation for the same.

Besides, people say that if someone does not have the rights to the audio, they may illegally create their audiobook through ACX.

Final Verdict:

ACX is an online platform that provides its customers with many options such as monetization and audiobook creation.

It also offers useful resources for its customers to learn a variety of audiobook skills.

You can know your rights, promo codes, rewards referral program, production cost and earnings through the ACX online platform.

However, you need to check out reviews and find out if you can trust audiobook creation through this online platform or not.

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