Well, Easter Day is nearing soon and we are all gearing up for the festive day. We know how joyful and important this day is to us. It is not just about the easter bunny or easter eggs but the value it carries. Easter Day is mostly celebrated and observed by Christian around the world and whether you are from the faith or not you still send Happy Easter day quotes to each other to share the joy least. Well during this pandemic, We know it’s difficult to make proper plans and celebrate Easter day to the fullest, also one must be sharing Good Friday quotes just barely sitting at home and hence this article brings you the ideas and activities that you can plan out for your Easter day celebration.

On Easter Day you can begin with a church prayer meet or celebration in your church. After that, you can try visiting your favourite restaurant with your family for having a sumptuous easter meal or you can drop down to your aunt’s place with your family for a gala time. Apart from that, you can plan your family event or entertainment to add fun to your easter day celebration. 

Here are the activities you can try out for your Easter day celebration.

Egg & Spoon Race

If you have a bigger house, then you can easily play this fun game of egg and spoon race. This can be a fun game after you are done with the egg hunting activity. This is an old-fashioned game but hasn’t gone outdated yet. All in all, it’s a family game that brings people together and spreads happiness.

Jelly Bean Guessing Game

This game is perfect for indoors, you just need to fill a jar with jelly beans and ask each participating member to guess how many candies there are. The winner is declared to the one who could guess the most accurate number of candies in the jar. You can also add a twist to it by asking them to get the flavor of the jelly beans they are tasting. Also, you can take a handful of jelly beans in your fist then ask them to guess the number of beans present in the closed palm.

Read Easter Themed Story Book

If you have children and want them to enjoy afternoon time with you. Also, this is good for keeping baccha party’s engaged. Take easter themes storybook and read it aloud for them with interesting modulation and narration such that they enjoy listening to you. This will be like taking them to a world of fantasy and imagination and teaching them morals and values at the same time.

Plant Flowers

Easter brings the message of newness and rebirth and hence this can be an ideal time to plant some new seeds or plants in your backyard or a small garden you have in your house. You can take this activity to explain and teach your children about the significance of Easter, story about how Jesus Christ was resurrected from death and came back to life. If not for children at least you will enjoy planting new plants around you that will eventually bloom to give flowers or bear fruit to remind you about God’s gracious deed.

Make Easter Chocolate Eggs

Cooking and baking is a fun part of every festival and who doesn’t love to show creativity during happy times. You can involve the whole family to participate in making easter chocolate eggs or just simply involve children in it. Children love baking and decorating stuff. You can just do the difficulties of preparing the chocolate eggs and later keep the decoration and painting part for your children.

Create Easter Crafts

If your guests are coming to celebrate Easter with you, instead of buying easter craft decorations from outside, you can try creating them for your home. This can be counted as a pre-easter activity for your family members and children. Make the children in charge of creating adorable decor for your Easter home, or fun bunny ears, or creative Easter bonnets for all your guests to wear!

Make a Charity

You can prepare Easter cookies and pack them in a nice gifting pack. Take a basket and add all the gifting packets. Now go around your neighborhood, distribute them to homeless, and underprivileged children or anybody you find around. This will not only bring smiles to your face but also them. It will also help in spreading the positive message that Easter day is for everyone and God does care about them.

Easter Day Lemonade Stand

You can put a stand for others outside your home as Easter day Lemonade stands to serve people that pass by for free or at a minimal cost. You can put up this stand outside the church to even serve and wish church members a happy Easter as they leave the church. This activity can encourage your children to learn to be kind and do charity work for others. Also, they will enjoy this for sure.

Well, these are the activities that you can add to your Easter day plan and double your fun time. These activities can bring joy, fun, and togetherness anytime without a doubt, so don’t think much just jump into the action and enjoy your happy Easter Sunday.