Do you want to book yourself for the vaccination? In today’s content, we will share the details of In the UK, people have searched a lot for this portal. So, let’s know what this portal is about and the services it offers to its users.

The campaign for vaccines has started around the world, and can only be accessed by booking and making appointments. We will try to explore the method of registering for the vaccine.

What is the portal about?

The accubook is a secured solution from NHS Digital to manage your appointments. The portal has taken responsibility for providing vaccines to everyone in the UK. The portal stores all patient data safely. By sending the links to more than 21 million patients, wants to schedule people’s vaccinations at their local vaccination centers.

Since February 1, 2021, the portal has begun to share forms instead of links to gain the trust of patients and invite more people. Although the site offers the contact number, they avoid calls as GP’s consultations are overloaded with calls.

Once you complete the form or access the link, the vaccination appointment is booked as requested by your GP. In addition to scheduling your appointment, you can reuse this link to cancel your reservation and reschedule it. Your vaccination will continue for that time.

Is legit?

People may be curious as to whether the link offered to them is legitimate or not. The link is an invitation from the GP. Accurx is assisting the GP in providing an invitation. The security of the portal has been guaranteed by NHS digital. All the data that we share with the portal is stored in an encrypted form so that no one can easily access it. He contacts the experts periodically to check the security of the system. Also, it is an old portal and was registered on November 10, 2008.

Therefore is a legitimate site and we can trust it to make our reservation.

What details are required?

The portal wants certain information from you to complete your registration. The list is given below:

• Name

• Date of birth

• NHS number

•Contact details

• Email address

• Demographic data


The software provider that helps health care providers like GPs is legitimate. He has no contact with doctors and hospitals. They enable teams of doctors to provide excellent care for everyone. Furthermore, the portal follows all the rules mentioned in the agreement. Provides fruitful communication between you and the healthcare staff. So, it’s time to register at

Have you booked your vaccination appointment from this portal? How was your experience? Share your opinions with us.