Everyone was shocked to hear the tragic news. A woman was killed in a fatal accident on the 138 route within Yamachiche, Quebec, Canada.

She was in a fight for life Thursday 7 Oct 2021. The incident was completely spontaneous and there was there was no alcohol or speed in the incident.

The public isn’t sure what exactly transpired, but we have found some details. If you’re looking to learn more about the accident that happened in Yamachiche then you’re on the right track.

About Yamachiche

If you’re wondering what Yamachiche means it’s a township located in Maurice located within Quebec located in Canada.

With a total of 2,787 inhabitants, Yamachiche holds historic importance. French is the primary language spoken by 99.1 percent of people while 0.5 percent of the population speaks both English as well as French as their primary language.

The province’s name has undergone numerous spelling changes, and has primarily affected the spelling that is associated with the Yamachiche river.

What is Accident Yamachiche?

The accident happened on the 7th of October in 2021 approximately 11:45 at night. A man who was in the trailer of an unidentified pickup truck was taking down road signs that a person had put up to mark the asphalt construction.

They were victims of the back of a Honda vehicle, and they drove past the trailer without even realizing they were there. The trailer and the vehicle collision were tragic and risky.

The accident impacted more on the passenger side than the driver, and things went pretty awful. But, Accident Yamachiche remains being investigated.

What was the Impact of the Accident?

Sergeant Audrey-Anne Bilodeau has said that they are concerned about the life of the woman sitting on the back seat. The woman either did not wear the seatbelt properly or improperly.

Front passenger hurt severely, but is now safe and the truck driver wasn’t hurt. The man inside the trailer suffered only a minor injured in the knee.

Reason Behind The Accident

The cause of the accident in Yamachiche is not clear. Because there was not alcohol or speed involved, a thorough investigation into the mechanics of the two vehicles is being conducted.

Sergeant Bilodeau said that the CNESST is contacted to check if the reflectors and lights on the trailer worked properly.

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The Final Verdict

On Thursday night, there was what appeared to be a near death experience for a few. accident Yamachiche was a collision between two vehicles: a Honda car and trailer in which two people were injured and one is currently in the middle of his death and life.

The incident did not involve any speed or alcohol so the responsible authority will conduct the full inspection of the vehicle.