Rosemere Highway 640 is a familiar topic. Read this article to get a better understanding of the current situation.

Autoroute 640, Quebec, is a well known highway in Canada. Unfortunately, there have been many accidents on this route in recent years. One small error could land you in the hospital.

Highways are safe driving. Every year, accidents along this highway make headlines. Every year, an accident on that road causes serious injuries. Yesterday saw another terrible accident on Highway 640. The driver of the car sustained severe injuries in the accident. Scroll down to view accident 640 31 Mars 2020 for further details.

What is the Latest?

Sergeant Audrey-Ann Bilodeau of Surete du Quebec stated that the incident happened around 9.30 a.m. The driver of the small Honda Civic, a man aged in his thirties was slowing down and was hit by the school bus that followed.

According to the spokeswoman: “The car was then forced in front of the semi-trailer trucks.”

The car driver was transported to the hospital in serious condition. The bus transporting several teenagers was also taken to the hospital, though none of them sustained injuries. The other two motorists involved in the collision were uninjured.

Traffic was rerouted to avoid the “HTMO_ Accident 640 31 March 2022 ” and a reconstructionist was sent to the scene. Highway 640 East was closed on March 31 for Surete du Quebec collision investigation specialist to perform their work.

Highway 640 has been reopened for traffic.

About: Quebec Autoroute 640

The Autoroute 640 in Quebec is a highway that runs parallel with the Riviere des Mille-Iles. It runs from Route 344 (Oka) to Route 138 (Charlemagne). The road was originally designed to run north of Montreal and span the Lake of Two Mountains. It is 54.8 kilometers long.

Accident 640 31 Mars 2022: Highway A-640 incidents

23 July 2019,

Highway 640 in Saint-Eustache was west of Montreal when two buses collided. It happened around 10 a.m. July 23, 2019. The bus was safely evacuated of all children aged 5-12. About 50 children boarded. The crash was also caused by a car slowing down. This resulted in serious injuries to both children and adults.

Each year, this highway is the scene of many accidents. Some of the worst accidents occurred on this highway. One of them is ” Unexpected Accident 640 31 Mars 2022 .

Final Thoughts

We all know that this route is the site of many accidents every year. As a result, a bus collided and slowed down with a car, causing it to crash into the trailer. Although the driver suffered serious injuries, he is now safe.

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