When thinking about the idea of accessorizing, chances are that women’s fashion will come most readily to mind, but, in today’s modern clothing landscape, there is a huge range of options for more style-conscious men to add that little extra to their outfits. 

Accessories don’t need to be bling to make a difference, and often just the simplest of touches can completely transform the overall look of your clothing – and, more often than not, without breaking the bank.

Simple advice to achieve that unique look

If you feel a little lost when it comes to choosing those extra items that can set off an outfit and turn heads, read on for some tips used by the fashion pros. 

Invest in rings, bracelets, and chains: Many men retract in horror at the idea of wearing jewelry – however, this view is likely based on mental images of over-the-top gold and silver thick curb chains that have been in and out of fashion for many years. Men’s jewelry has come a long way, and today it’s possible to buy striking yet tasteful jewelry made from rarer metals, wood, leather, etc. For example, Newman Bands specialize in a range of rings made from much subtler and unusual metals like tungsten that can add flair and style without the overbearing, in-your-face brashness of older styles. 

Never forget the value of a good belt: When it comes to male fashion, men don’t have much they can add to an outfit that will fit either practically or aesthetically – however, a quality belt is most definitely one key addition no man should forget. From the size, shape, and color to the buckle and material, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you start thinking a little more out of the box. 

Sunglasses – the staple classic: A quality pair of shades are a must-have accessory for all men – and, if you buy the right pair, you won’t need to just limit yourself to wearing them only when it’s sunny. From more modern, funky styles produced by companies like Oakley to timeless classics like Ray Ban’s aviators, finding a pair of sunglasses that sums up your style and personality should be an easy task.

Think smartwatches – the meeting point of fashion and functionality: In recent years, the smartphone has largely eliminated the need for watches, but that doesn’t mean that a quality timepiece should just be considered redundant. While it could be convincingly argued the traditional wind-up watch has perhaps had its day (purely from a functional point of view), smartwatches combine style and technology, all in one neat and striking package. Stepping beyond just the pure aesthetics for a second, the latest generation of smartwatches can handle calls, messaging, and emails and can be used to control other devices, too – for example, your phone’s music player (paired, obviously, with your wireless earbuds). Better yet, modern smartwatch tech can also help assess your general fitness and well-being with a huge range of clever monitoring sensors and add-on apps.