Moving your car from Mainland to Hawaii and back, seems like an arduous task to many. However, choosing the right company can make your life quite easier. In this article, we are going to show you how you can choose the right shipping method, choose the right company, and get the best auto-shipping experience.

Types of Auto Shipping Methods

There are different categories of auto shipping types. Here we’ll only discuss the ones that are related to auto shipping between Hawaii and the mainland USA.

1.    Door to Door:

This type of auto shipping carries a car from one of the customer’s locations to another. The customer does not have to leave his premises to drop off or receive his car. It is very effective for busy people who can’t leave and receive the car from any port.

In case of door-to-door car shipping from Hawaii to thе Mainland,  thе vehicle will first bе transported from thе customer’s location to thе designated port on that side of thе land mass,  shipped to thе port on thе other side,  and thеn transported to thе customer’s required location on that side. 

Thе cost of this type of auto shipping is always higher than thе other because it requires maximum effort from thе company and little to none from thе customer.

2.    Port to port:

This kind of auto shipping only moves vehicles from one seaport to another. So for that, the customer will have to drop off their car at the designated port and collect at the requested port. Since there’s not much work for the auto shipping company in this process, it’s cheaper and takes less time to deliver.

However, this type of auto shipping is not suitable for most customers as most of them either do not live near the port or do not have time to drop off and collect their cars.

3.    Door to port or port to door:

This is a hybrid model of auto shipping, which is very common when shipping between Mainland USA and Hawaii. Door to port, or port to door, auto shipping involves receiving a customer’s car from their door to the designated port, and shipping to the other port, where the customer will receive it or vice versa.

How to choose an auto shipping company for Hawaii and Mainland USA?

Not all auto shipping companies deal in shipping to and from Hawaii. This is not a hurdle but an advantage as this allows customers to easily filter dozens of companies that don’t. So searching the right terms will show you companies that ship vehicles between Hawaii and Mainland USA. Now how to choose the right auto shipping company out of the remaining. Well, here’s a guide on how to do that.

1.    Check the company’s accreditation

Accreditation is essential for a business that transports expensive items like vehicles. They ensure that a company is legitimate and follows all the rules and regulations in their business. This protects customers from losses such as car theft, accidental damage, and other fraudulent activities.

The two accreditations that auto shipping companies need are DOT approval and FMCSA registration. These two are easily attainable for auto shipping companies but require consistent compliance with rules and procedures. You’ll find them mentioned on the homepage of best auto shipping company websites.

2.    Enquire about the company’s insurance coverage

Since accidents are always a possibility when on the road, choosing a company that provides the right insurance coverage is the key. Most companies mention their insurance coverage on their website, but in case you don’t find it there, ask them through a call.

3.    Research company’s ratings and experience

Finding companies’ ratings and experience online is not that difficult today. Just Googling the company’s name, you’ll come across reviews that previous customers of that company have left. An overall rating of 4.5 and above is good for a company worth considering.

As for a company’s experience, most companies mention it on their homepage. If not, you can make a guess by finding the oldest review a customer might have left for them.

4.    See who gives the best offer

Once you filter out companies based on accreditation, insurance, and previous performance, you’ll be left with not more than a handful. Ask them for their availability and quotation for your desired journey.

Most auto shipping companies have their quotation generators installed on their homepages. In case they are not, they’ll surely have a contact number to get in touch with them. Once you have all the offers lined up before you, making a decision will be much easier.


While that’s all you need to choose the right shipping method and company, we have a bonus tip for you. Don’t fall prey to lowballing. Lowballing is a technique used by service-based companies to lure customers by offering significantly lower rates only to overturn them later on. Your best bet is to go for an auto shipping company that offers competitive rates.

We wish you the best of luck for your shipping experience from Hawaii to the mainland USA. Let us know how your experience goes.