Are you unsure regarding Abiiby? Abiiby store? If so, read this article on the web to get a better understanding of the purpose of the site and its motivations.

These days people are more influenced by the latest fashions than clothing that is designer or branded. Because of this, those in Germany and in the United Kingdom, the United States etc. are seeking online stores that will satisfy the desire for exclusive clothing.

Today, we’ll highlight Abiiby the online clothing store that will assist you determine whether Abiiby can meet your requirements or not. We will discuss this the Abiiby reviews..

What is Abiiby?

As per the Abiiby site’s page on about us the website provides fashionable dresses for women that ensure they look fashionable and make a statement in the crowd. In addition, the site has divided its selection into different categories, with various themes of apparel and accessories for every customer. The clothing selection available includes fashion-forward clothes, cape dresses, fringed coats, midi-dresses and maxi dresses. There are also maxi dresses with sequins, sequin dresses, etc.

In addition, the most recent clothing range is also available for sale at a substantial discount so that buyers can reap the maximum benefits. Additionally you can get free shipping for purchases of more than $69 USD.

The dress selection is exceptional, however we are able to sense something odd about this site. It offers expensive goods at inflated prices and its website’s domain is also critical. If you’d like to increase your knowledge, go to the bottom and then read the Is Abiiby Legit‘s section in this article.

Features of Abiiby

  • Website homepage link-
  • Dresses and accessories
  • Free shipping on all purchases up to 69USD
  • Estimated time for exchange and returnis an maximal of fourteen days
  • Delivery time- 3-7 working days
  • Payment options – PayPal
  • Newsletters are published
  • Domain creation date-24/11/2021
  • Social media icons- mentioned
  • Validity of refunds: no time frame is specified.
  • contact number- no information
  • Customer care email ID- [email protected]
  • Location of company not mentioned

We believe that customers must conduct thorough research prior to placing orders on this site as the website appears to be fraudulent. If you’re interested in knowing what the reasons are, read these Abiiby Review.

The benefits of buying from Abiiby

  • The collection of dresses on the site is simply amazing.
  • The cost of transportation is included when you spend more than $69.
  • The elegant clothes and accessories are on sale for sale at huge discounts.
  • The email address for customer support is listed on the website.
  • This URL has HTTPS secured.

Drawbacks to ordering from Abiiby

  • Unfortunately, there are no reviews from customers. are posted under the product.
  • The social media icons mentioned from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are ineffective.
  • Contact details are provided on the website.
  • The interface for the user and the domain name are in conflict because the interface is simulated.

Is Abiiby Legit?

There is a lot of similar site with a different domain, which claims to provide premium brands and expensive goods at discounted price to entice buyers. In addition, experts are advised to stay clear of such websites because they are not genuine, and their primary purpose is to swindle innocent customers.

Please read the reviews mentioned below to determine the legitimacy of the website.

  • Domain creation date: the domain name was registered on the 24th November 2021, which is just a few months ago.
  • Customer reviewsare not available. Abiiby Review are available on Trustpilot as well as the official website.
  • Trust rank- this website is a bit suspect since its trust score is 1.8/100.
  • Date of expiration for domain names- the domain name expires on the last day of the year on the 24th of November 2022.
  • Trust score- out 100, the website has earned a low trust score of 1.
  • Alexa rank: No website’s Alexa rank is reported in the website.
  • Social media icons- The icons of social media mentioned in the product description aren’t valid.
  • Quality of content – all user interface and all content are copied from other websites.
  • Website address: No office address is mentioned.

What is the customers’ Abiiby Reviews?

Based on customer feedback on the site, we can verify the legitimacy of the website. However, there is no review available on the portal that is authorized or is there any feedback accessible on well-known reviews such as Trustpilot.

The Final Remarks

After conducting a thorough investigation We concluded that this fashionable and high-end apparel objects and accessory website is extremely suspect. It is best to stay clear of this online store.

If you’ve made your order but you want to get your money returned to you via the credit card Read this. In addition, if you’re still uncertain you should read these Abiiby Review carefully.