The most effective way to develop your business is outdoor advertising from BSPROMO. A variety of tools, technologies are created for this purpose, and strategies are developed. A few centuries ago, people were already using one such tool, namely the signboard. It was noticed by passers-by on the street, who could find out about a tavern, a store or a hotel. This tool is in demand even today.

Of course, we should not assume that such a simple advertising design, such as a signboard, could change too much in the course of its development. On the other hand, the same Roll up can be considered a descendant of the sign. At least it works on the same principle – attracting attention with specified information and design.

And yet advertising signs have improved, their variations began to appear, and hence the classifications. This is due to the fact that each type of business has its own specific goals, which can not be achieved by using standard or too universal tools. There has to be an individual approach, designed according to the marketing strategy.

Classification by purpose

According to the purpose of advertising signs can be divided into:

  • Store signs. Designed for small stores as well as large chains and supermarkets, regardless of product category. The design is chosen based on how the store should be positioned. Advertising design of a grocery store, of course, will differ from the registration of a jewelry store or a fashion boutique. By the design of signage passerby should roughly understand what the budget oriented goods;
  • Office. More designed to form the image of the company than to attract passers-by. Should fit harmoniously into the interior style of the office;
  • Frontal. Their main task is to represent basic information about the company or institution. Also form confidence of clients, can serve as a tool to increase brand awareness or company.

As for the interior signs, in addition to standard requirements, there is one more thing – they should be comfortable, to cause a feeling of comfort to the visitor. However, to increase the effectiveness it is necessary to use other types of outdoor advertising, such as Fly banners – Banderolas Publicitarias. A comprehensive approach is needed to expect serious results from a marketing campaign.