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The standard and advanced printed circuit boards can be differentiated on many aspects. The prime one is the layer count of 40 and 60. Secondly, the board thickness of them is 5.5mm and 6.5mm, respectively. Their aspect ratio and copper thickness are 10:1 and 14:1 and 60 oz and 12 oz, respectively.

The other technicalities in the standard and advanced PCB of this eminent Multilayer PCB Manufacturer are minimum hole and pad size, drilling accuracy, PTH hole size tolerance, contour tolerance, impedance tolerance, surface finish, and last but not least the minimum line width or spacing.

This unique Multilayer PCB Manufacturer have as well availed the technical capability of HDI PCB, flexible PCB and rigid-flex PCB in standard and advanced formats. In HDI PCB, the HDI stage and PTH hole size tolerance and impedance tolerance play a vital role.

The Flexible PCB of this Multilayer PCB Manufacturer has been provided with technological capabilities of coverlay registration tolerance, impedance tolerance, pitch tolerance in addition to other efficacious factors.

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