Interior house painting is one of the best ways to modernize, characterize, brighten or freshen up any space with relatively low costs. However, it is crucial for the homeowners and home improvement experts to learn how to paint properly as it ensures that there is little or no pain only if the job is done nicely. But, before you grab the paintbrush, you must have a plan of action.

Painting the interiors of your home is not that difficult and doesn’t require any specific specialization however, getting this task performed by a professional painter in Sydney would ensure you a peace of mind as they are capable ad trained enough to work patiently and quickly while providing better and cleaner results.

Given below are some of the painting tips that could be taken into consideration to achieve professional quality results quickly and easily.

Tips on interior house painting:

  1. Choose the color: light colors tend to make a room look bigger whereas, vibrant and bold colors can boost the energy of a lackluster room. If you not feeling that confident about making a huge change to your interiors, you can always go for a bold color for one wall and a lighter shade for another so that they complement each other.

There is a vast variety of colors that you can choose from which can make the task of selection extremely daunting. Hence, it is advisable to take suggestions from Strata painters in Sydney that will provide with inspirations so that can you choose a color that suits your mood.

  • Review different paint finishes: it is essential to not only match the finish of the paint to its sheen but also to the room you are painting given its function. While satin and gloss finishes stay well intact in high traffic areas and cleans easily, flat finishes on the other hand tend to reconcile shiny finishes in other parts of the room and can get dirty easily.
  • Prep work is essential: prep work is highly important no matter how much time consuming it might be as cutting corner on washed walls, taking out switch plates, patching and taping can reflect serious imperfections at the end due to the absence of prep work. Therefore, you must consider hiring a painter in Northern Beaches as they would have the perfect knowledge regarding the entire prep work to be performed.
  • Don’t skip primer: applying a primer would not only cover the imperfections present underneath the walls but would also make the top coat of paint stick well to the surface.
  • Invest in quality equipment: effective and durable painting requires plenty of tools from nylon bristle brushes for water based paint, natural bristle brush for oil based paint to foam brushes for intricate tasks.
  • Combine gallons of paint for uniformity: pouring the entire paint into a single sealable bucket will not only make it more convenient but will also allow you to mix the entire batch together for better uniformity.

Now, since you have got a better understanding of the things that require attention while painting, here are some suggestions that you can take for an easy application:

  1. Don’t skip the home painting prep work:

You must always prep your walls before applying a paint for even application then let them dry for some time. Double check to ensure that you have enough paint to apply two coats for the perfect coverage.

Mostly, one gallon of paint covers nearly 400 square feet so, estimate the square foot of your room by multiplying the length with the breadth. Do the same thing for the ceiling if you are paining it too.

Also, don’t forget to mix and stir the paint well in a 5-gallon bucket if you are using more than 1 gallon of it to ensure color uniformity.

  • Cut in first:
  • You can pour some of the paint in a container as it will make it easier for you to carry and handle while you move around places.
  • Use a 2-3inch trim brush to cut in meeting point of the wall and the ceiling through a strip of paint applied.
  • Cut only a small section at once. Use the brush and the roller alternatively to cut and paint the ceiling in order to avoid any harsh lines.
  • Tackle the ceiling:
  • Place the roller into the paint and remove the excess from its edges.
  • Start exactly from the corners of the cut in line.
  • Try to paint horizontally across the width and not length to avoid any neck and back strains.
  • Move to the main event:
  • Make sure that the ceiling is completely dry before trimming the crease line between the ceiling and the walls.
  • Then from a swath of paint which extends out at least three inches from the doors and windows so that it becomes relatively easier for you to paint.
  • Reload the roller and avoid squeezing the roller to extract more paint out of it.
  • Try to use an aluminum foil to cover the trays and paint buckets while you take some rest from painting. 

Therefore, painting your walls through high quality paint is one of the easiest ways to help make your home look appealing throughout the years without you worrying much about its maintenance and care.

For this, you must get this task performed by highly professional painters. Hence we at Sydney Wide Painters have a dedicated team of experts that will make the interiors of your house look the best in the least amount of time ant the best prices.