If you’re looking for a royal affair within your gameplay, look no further than a casino classic – Poker.

Whether you join a Poker table at your local casino venue, through an app on your chosen device or on a site such as griffoncasino.com, holding the best hand of cards is what all players hope to achieve. With this being said, what exactly do winning Poker hands look like?

Read on to find out.

Royal Flush

Let’s start this royal card affair with the highest hand you could possibly win a game of Poker with. It is, of course, a Royal Flush.

A Royal Flush is a hand of royal cards; 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, all of the same suit. 

Straight Flush

The second highest hand is known as a Straight Flush. This is created when all five cards are in numerical order, without any royals, all comprised of the same suit.

An example of this, is a hand containing Three of Hearts, Four of Hearts, Five of Hearts, Six of Hearts and Seven of Hearts.

Four of a Kind

The name of this hand gives away what it is. In order to win with Four of a Kind, you’ll need to have four out of the five cards in your hand of the same value.

An example of this is a hand containing the Queen of Hearts, Queen of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs and a miscellaneous card.

Full House

To hold a Full House hand, your cards must comprise of three cards of the same value as well as a pair.

An example of this is a hand of the Queen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, Queen on Spades, Five of Hearts and the Five of Spades.


To create a Flush hand, your cards must all be of the same suit, yet not in numerical order.

An example of this is a hand made up of the Three of Spades, Five of Spades, Eight of Spades, Ten of Spades and Queen of Spades.


A Straight hand is comprised of five cards, in numerical order, not in the same suits. Every possible Straight will contain either a five or a ten.

An example of a Straight is a hand that includes the Two of Clubs, Three of Hearts, Four of Clubs, Five of Diamonds and Six of Spades.

Three of a Kind

When you hold a hand classed as a Three of a Kind, you’ll have a hand that contains three cards of the same value, with two miscellaneous cards.

An example of a Three of a Kind hand is; the King of Spades, King of Clubs, King of Diamonds and two miscellaneous cards.

Two Pairs

With the clue in this hands name, this will contain two pairs and one miscellaneous card.

An example of this is; Five of Clubs, Five of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts and a miscellaneous card.


When you hold a hand classed as a pair, it will contain three miscellaneous cards and one pair.

An example of this hand: the Queen of Hearts, Queen of Spades and three miscellaneous cards.

High Card

If you have none of the combinations listed above, your only option is to use this type of hand to try and secure a win. If all players have none of the hand combinations above, the game will turn to the highest card each player holds, disregarding all others within the hand.

An example of this is if your hand contains the King of Clubs for example, and you do not have an Ace in your hand, the King will be your High Card.—
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