What is sMiles App? 

‘Startup StandApp’ announced to come up with ‘sMiles App’ that gives its users a chance to get free Bitcoin while they do their favorite activities. sMiles app enables the use of Bitcoins to make people happy, healthy, and wealthy at the same time.  

Where can you download the app?

sMiles is available on its website but also the earn free BTC on iPhone option and get free Bitcoin Android choice is there as well.   

What is the purpose of the sMiles app?

sMiles is short for sats&miles. This app is for people who do not wish to miss out on their health and well-being and grab some quick coins meanwhile. So to use it you must be aware of what Bitcoin is, and what are its potential benefits.

People happily call it Bitcoin earning app. It is so far the best bitcoin earning app in India. You can walk and earn bitcoin. Also for naive users, it is smile earning app.

For those who have recently forayed into cryptocurrencies, satoshis or sats are the smallest units of Bitcoin. Every satoshi represents a one-hundred-millionth of a single BTC. 

How does it work?

This application features a Lightening Wallet – Stack sats where all the reward points can be encashed as 30% cashback on online shopping. Work, play, walk, enjoy as usual and let sMiles work in the background.  sMiles uses the best advantages of the BTC Lightning Network to be able to reward users with tiny little micropayments for a variety of activities and options.

It integrates with the Apple watch and checks your step count, heart rate, weight, sleep quality etc. sMiles also integrates with chess puzzles to give you mind-bending games.

People can travel the distance, and sMiles makes use of the smartphone’s GPS location service. It tracks even while you drive. People get rewarded for allowing this app to access various other applications on their devices like notifications, or geolocation.

What is sMiles BTC App?

This application lets its users earn Bitcoins for everyday activities like walking, running, jumping, cycling, aerobics, yoga, playing football, swimming, trekking, and likewise. The underlying Lightning Network is often termed as a second-level scaling of Bitcoin (cryptos). 

What more does it offer?

sMiles rewards every user activity in form of fractions of Bitcoins called sats. One Bitcoin has 100 million sats, and there will always be 20 million Bitcoins. Users can earn sats daily by playing chess or spinning the Satoshi wheel. Also, there is a leaderboard with a leader matrix, where users can watch each other’s scores. It also allows withdrawing Bitcoins to other Lightening wallets.

sMiles app also features daily offers to earn more Bitcoin rewards.

Therefore, sMiles is an app that offers rewards in form of Bitcoins. It integrates with HealthKit to track steps. sMile calculates our walking and converts all the steps in form of Bitcoins as reward points.