Music is something that connects us all. Simply listening to the lyrics of a favorite singer’s song might make you feel as if you’ve known them your entire life. Despite the fact that song writers are frequently overlooked, they hold one of the most significant positions in the music industry. Another profession that is often forgotten is ghostwriting. People wrote some of our favorite songs, but they were sung and credited to a popular musician. Could you imagine not hearing a classic song being sung by that particular known artist? I couldn’t either, so I appreciate all types of writers.

Ali Ciwanro, a rising artist, has been writing since he was a child. It began as an escape, a way for him to vent his frustrations, but it evolved into something undeniable. His determination and way with words enabled him to leave his hometown of Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Ali has perfected his distinct structure style in the way he writes lyrics. He effortlessly rhymes his multis and incorporates dope similes. His distinct style, when combined with his lyrics, is unstoppable. He has already worked with German artists and has recently completed an album with an American artist that will be released soon. In addition, he has contributed to two gold-certified songs. I’m sure this is just the beginning for the gifted songwriter.

I believe that it’s admirable that he doesn’t worry about whether or not his songs will fit into today’s music industry. Not everyone has the courage to write from the heart rather than what is popular. PA Sports, a German artist, was a major source of inspiration for the gifted artist. Ali respected PA Sports’ ability to put his problems on paper. Another musician he admires is Eminem of the United States, with whom he aspires to connect with one day.

Ali Ciwanro hopes that when people look back on his body of work, they will be able to say that he was a lyricist who put a lot of heart and soul into his gift. With his commitment to his chosen route, I believe he will be able to attain his goals. Ali’s tenacity is unrivaled. There is no limit to what people are capable of, nor is there an age restriction. Keep up with Ali Ciwanro in the year 2022 to see what exciting ventures he has planned for the future.