It’s believed that email marketing is the best way to nurture potential buyers and sellers. You can cultivate a list of buyers in your area who may not be ready to buy yet but will be soon. Thus, when they need a realtor, you’re already known and trusted to them.

Below are some reasons why email marketing is so effective at nurturing leads.

1) More Control With Email 

In contrast to other modern marketing techniques such as social media or digital advertising, email marketing puts you in control. When you post on social media, you can’t know for sure who will see your content.

Whereas with email marketing, your emails will be delivered at a pre-determined time directly to your email list. There’s no need to worry about complex algorithms that can prevent your content from being seen.

With the help of tools like, realtors can reach out to potential buyers. There is simply no better way to connect than by having your prospective buyers consume your content and send you their email, allowing you to make the most out of that engagement. 

2) Personalize Email

A one-to-one relationship created through email is a powerful tool for converting cold leads to warm leads. With a personalized email, the closeness of the relationship encourages engagement as a personal letter would.

3) Everyone Uses Email 

Regardless of what demographic you serve, whether you target a specific type of home buyer or a seller or everyone in your area, email marketing should enable you to reach your ideal clients.

4) Segment Audience 

Among all marketing tools, email allows you to segment your audience and deliver different content to each segment. Here are two scenarios that better explain how nurturing leads works:

  • Subscriber A expressed her interest in working with you when she attended an open house, but she didn’t put in an offer.
  • Subscriber B joined your email list months ago when he was looking for a new home. After using your suggestions, he has now found a home he loves.

It becomes problematic to send both subscribers the same content. Subscriber A would be better served by information about your new listings or educational content about the industry, whereas, subscriber B would find such content insignificant since she already bought a house.

By segmenting your mailing list, you can create content that will interest both types of subscribers. Subscriber A may buy a house from you while Subscriber B will write you a positive testimonial and refer you to others.

5) Educate Potential Buyers

You can use email marketing to position yourself as an expert from the start by educating potential homebuyers about the home buying process. 

On average, it is said a prospective buyer searches for a new home for three weeks before turning to a real estate agent. When these leads fail to find a house on their own, they will look to hire a realtor. Usually, they will search no further than their inbox.