Temporary tattoos can be used to test out a tattoo design without the commitment of a permanent tattoo. In addition, they are a great way to showcase your new designs on special occasions. The popularity of temporary tattoos is on the rise as they allow you the freedom to have the body art you want without the long-term commitment of permanent tattoos. However, whether it is a temporary tattoo or a permanent tattoo, aftercare is essential. In the case of permanent tattoos, you can use aftercare tattoo bandages, soaps, and powders, but not for temporary tattoos. 

Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos will not last for long, usually lasting between two and ten days, depending on how well you care. Here are the tips to make temporary tattoos last longer. 

Tips for Making Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

You can extend the life of your temporary tattoo. Avoid the fading, peeling, and cracking that usually occurs with these tattoos. Preparing your skin is the first step in the temporary tattoo process. In this way, you will have the perfect base for your tattoo to stick to.

In order for a temporary tattoo to last for a long period, it is crucial to apply the tattoo properly. Getting long-lasting results from temporary tattoos requires proper care after their application.  

Tattoo Placement

Getting temporary tattoos is easy but choosing the right location for the tattoo can be tough. Temporary tattoos usually come off after a few days because of friction. Clothing, for instance, creates friction against the tattoo. We also expose our tattoos to water when we take a shower and rub our skin. As a result, these temporary tattoos are very sensitive to friction.

The minimum friction placement is what we recommend. Make sure that you choose a place where there is less friction when selecting a place for your new tattoo. There are many friction-prone areas, such as the hands, feet, inner thighs, inner biceps, stomach, and so on.

Proper Application Of Temporary Tattoos 

While getting a permanent tattoo, you may need a tattoo numbing cream to avoid the pain. However, that is not the case with temporary tattoos because they are not that painful. But, moisture or other issues can sometimes make it challenging to apply a temporary tattoo to the skin without moving it. Also, if a tattoo is not properly placed, it won’t stick to the skin. For a longer-lasting tattoo, follow these tips:

  • Before applying a temporary tattoo, shave the skin. This way, the tattoo will stick directly to the skin instead of being distracted by the hair. This will prevent the tattoo from fading and falling off as it covers and sticks to more skin areas.
  • Before applying the tattoo, exfoliate the area. By doing this, you will ensure your skin is free of dirt, dead skin cells, and oil. You will feel smoother after exfoliating, and the skin will be ready for tattooing. 
  • Once the placement is complete, let the tattoo dry. You should not rub, touch, or cover the tattoo immediately after the application. At least for the first few hours, let it dry completely and wear loose clothing. By doing so, you’ll minimize friction and ensure the tattoo adheres to your skin.
  • We mentioned earlier that you should choose the location of your tattoo carefully. You should avoid high-friction areas, frequently moving or bent areas, sweaty and oily areas, and of course, areas that rub against your clothes.

Sealing the Tattoo

Sealing your temporary tattoo after the application is one of the most important steps you can take to make it last longer. As a result, the tattoo will stick to the skin for longer than a few days. Below are some tips on sealing your temporary tattoos.

  • Seal With Baby Powder 

You can seal the temporary tattoos with baby powder. The powder will absorb the oils, and moisture, ensuring that everything will dry properly and stay stuck to the skin.

  • Use Hair Spray 

After the application of the tattoo, you can use hair spray to set and seal the tattoo once. Spray a thin coat of hairspray on the tattoo from a distance of 12 to 16 inches. You should apply baby powder or a better detangling agent before spraying the hairspray. Hair spray is great for temporary tattoos, homemade tattoos, and even sharpie tattoos.

  • Seal The Tattoo Using Liquid Band-Aid 

Make your tattoo more scratch-proof and waterproof by using a liquid bandage. This will help the tattoo to last longer. You can use it for any temporary tattoos.

Aftercare Of Temporary Tattoos

You need to ensure that the temporary tattoo dries completely on the skin after you have applied it. In addition, keep the temporary tattoo away from clothing, creams, and lotions since these will damage it.

In order to protect your temporary tattoo and absorb any excess oils on your skin, you can apply talcum powder to the tattoo. 

Once a day, use a soft brush to apply this to the temporary tattoo, and it will last longer than you expected.

Additionally, you can also prolong the lifespan of the temporary tattoo by spraying a liquid band-aid on the temporary tattoo. Also, use hairspray on the temporary tattoo to make it last longer. 


Temporary tattoos give you a good idea of what a tattoo will look like without the pain and permanence of a real tattoo. They’re also good for special occasions when you want to add a little extra decoration to your body but don’t want to make it too difficult to remove it later. Despite that, temporary tattoos don’t last too long. However, you can extend their lifespan by taking care of them. Now that you know how to care for your temporary tattoo, we hope that it will last much longer, allowing you to enjoy it for many days.