The industrial revolution is a milestone for humanity that has brought about so many changes contributing towards an easy life. One such discovery was energy and its diverse uses. Various energy sources exist like coal, solar, water, wind and heat. One primary use of the extracted energy is to generate electricity for consumption. In Australia, the per capita electricity consumption is around 8,900kWh and, in cities like Townsville, it is 20kWh each day. Hence, the popularity of solar in Townsville is rising by the day to cater to such high energy consumption demands without harming the environment.

Solar energy is not only unlimited but also a renewable form of energy. It is known for its environment-friendly nature as there is zero carbon dioxide emission during the energy conversion process. On average, the city of Townsville gets an extreme UV index with a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius during the day. It is only ideal that the 196,000 population homeowners in the city transition their electric power source to solar. This article will explain the various benefits of going green and choosing solar power.

How solar energy can change lives for the better – the benefits:

Electricity derived from solar in Townsville has multiple benefits to it. The people of the city are slowly adapting and incorporating this energy source into their daily lives for the following reasons:

  • Efficient energy collection: Solar energy stored in the energy banks is collected through solar panels that are fit on the rooftops of homes in Townsville. The summers in the city can go as high as 35 degrees, leading to an opportunity to convert solar heat and light energy to electricity. Other forms of energy generated like hydroelectricity have to be transported over large distances. By the time they reach the final destination, many unavoidable minor losses can occur. The people of Townsville can avoid this situation by investing in solar panels for energy generation. All they must do is call the best solar energy service providers like Green Energy Technologies, for example, to set up the system. 
  • Minimizes environmental impact: This clean and green fuel is preferred over other polluting and non-renewable sources like coal and petroleum. It is because the process of energy extraction via solar power generates less noise compared to its counterparts. Heavy equipment is used to convert fuel like petrol and diesel into electric or kinetic energy, depending on its use. They generate over 100dB noise, falling under the noise pollution category. The noise decibel exceeding the 90dB limit in Australia is considered hazardous to the human ears and can sometimes cause deafness. Apart from this, carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions are a minimum with solar power generation, hence reducing air pollution. 
  • A drop in electricity bills: The rising popularity of solar in Townsville is because of how economical it is, compared to power derived from hydroelectric plants. The financial effectiveness of solar due to the zero production cost makes it more favourable in places like Townsville. The only expenses people must bear is the installation and cost of components like solar panels. The electricity bills come down drastically and allow the users to benefit from the renewable and unlimited energy source every day. The amount people pay for electricity will be minute compared to the quantity of energy they derive from the solar system set up on their roofs. Trustworthy solar technology providers in Townsville will install the panels efficiently, providing a good warranty for the parts. It will additionally help homeowners to save the bucks with long-lasting equipment installed.