BASIX Report and certification was implemented by the NSW Government to support and motivate sustainable residential buildings. The main objective of BASIX is to encourage more sustainable residential developments through simultaneous minimisation of greenhouse gas production and water consumption.

A professional BASIX consultant can help you prepare a BASIX report for obtaining the final certification and seamless building process.

Boarding homes, guest houses, hostels, commercial, retail, apartments, and backpacker accommodation are all examples of lodging types. Other structures may include a residential area with schools and hotels. The ncc Section J Report is also required for new construction extensions and renovations to existing facilities.

When Is A BASIX Certificate Required?

A BASIX Certificate is required if you plan to submit a development application to an NSW local Council for:

  • Constructing a new residential development including a single house, townhouse, dual occupancy, or multi-unit.
  • Modify and upgrade existing residential buildings amounting to $50,000 or more.
  • Construct a large swimming pool or spa pool with a capacity of 40,00 litres or more.

What Goals Does BASIX Aim To Achieve?

There BASIX certificate programs have three fundamental objectives:

  • To minimise potable water consumption by 40%.
  • To minimise greenhouse gas production by 40%.
  • To regulate standards for residential project’s thermal performance.

What Do You Need For BASIX Assessment?

The development application process involves the assessment of your proposed project for BASIX compliance. The assessment measures your proposed residential development for sustainable design elements against the set BASIX targets.

Achieving the set regulations enables you to obtain a BASIX certificate and promotes a progressive minimisation in water and energy consumption in residential buildings across NSW.

The assessment is based on the following criteria:

  • Location of your residential building
  • Residential project orientation
  • Type of construction for the building
  • Size of the windows, glazing specification and type of the building
  • The landscaping surrounding the residential dwelling
  • Appliances planned for use/installation within the residential building

Additionally, the BASIX assessment encompasses thermal comfort levels, which reduces the energy utilisation of residential buildings for artificially heating or cooling the house to a comfortable level.

Professional BASIX Consultant

Professional BASIX consultants take overall responsibility to supervise your project for BASIX compliance, NatHERS modelling and prepare required documents in the most educated and effective way.

When you approach an agency for your BASIX requirements, your BASIX consultant will either be the same professional who drafted the NatHERS thermal modelling, or your project can be assigned to a different professional within the agency.

What Should You Look For While Hiring A Professional BASIX Agency?

  • Your hired BASIX consultants should have extensive years of experience in drafting and generating various BASIX certificates for residential projects with varying types and complexity.
  • The BASIX consultants employed by your hired agency should constantly be updated with current policy changes, industry and technology modifications. Their team members should perform regular research and development to precisely monitor policy updates in the BASIX discipline.
  • Your BASIX consultant should also be aware of not just the details and complications of the BASIX online tool but should also have an adequate understanding of the direction and upcoming updates in the NSW department of planning policies.
  • The hired agency should instil and promote a culture of education, learning, and knowledge exchange to keep the team we-informed about the policies and processes.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional BASIX Consultant

  • Easy, smooth process with reduced complexity.
  • Lessor no chances of error, therefore reduced iterations.
  • Ensures faster documentation processes, thus reducing your overall project time.
  • Reduction in construction costs through better professional approaches and expert advice.

Advantages Of BASIX Compliant Houses

  • The BASIX targets ensure that new residential developments are efficiently adapted for their regional climatic conditions and offer a comfortable living environment over their lifespan.
  • The reduced consumption of energy and water combined with reduced utilisation of artificial heating and cooling systems positively impacts the environment.
  • Reduced energy consumption translates into considerable savings in the energy bills for the homeowner or tenant.
  • The above advantages make BASIX compliant homes financially more valuable in the real estate market.