Car accidents can be a traumatic experience, especially for a pedestrian who is involved in the accident. After the accident, taking the right steps helps the pedestrian recover faster from their injuries and receive the full amount of compensation so they don’t need to pay anything out of pocket. Immediately after the accident, pedestrians can take the following steps, as long as they are not severely injured, and help make their claim for compensation stronger. 

Request Emergency Services

Even if a pedestrian feels they can walk away from the accident after being struck by a car, it’s important to request emergency services. An EMT can provide basic medical care at the scene and alert the pedestrian if there are any injuries that require faster care. A police officer will also arrive at the scene and will take note of how the accident occurred as well as other details. All of these will be in the police report, which can be obtained and used in a claim for compensation. 

Seek Medical Treatment As Needed

Depending on the severity of the injuries, pedestrians may need to go to the emergency room for immediate medical treatment. Those who are not injured as severely may opt to go to urgent care instead to start receiving medical care for the injuries. It is important to go to any follow-up care suggested by the initial doctor and to make sure all injuries are fully treated to help prevent them from becoming worse. The medical treatment should be covered under the compensation received after the accident. 

Gather Information

At the scene, if possible, the pedestrian will want to gather information from anyone involved in the accident as well as witnesses. From the driver, request contact information and auto insurance details. These will be needed to file a claim for compensation. From witnesses, request compensation in case they are needed to provide a statement or testify in court if the case goes to trial. The driver’s information should be included in the police report, but pedestrians can take a photo of the driver’s insurance card, as well. 

Document Injuries and Damages

Pedestrians should take photos of any injuries they sustained, damages to the vehicles involved, and any other damages at the scene. If the pedestrian had any belongings that were damaged or destroyed, it is a good idea to take photos of them, as well. After taking the photos of any injuries or damages, make sure they are stored properly. Proper storage keeps them safe from being accidentally damaged or lost. In most cases, it’s a good idea to use at least two backup methods for digital storage. 

Talk to a Lawyer

As soon as possible after the accident, the pedestrian will want to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. It is also a good idea for the pedestrian to speak with a lawyer about the case. Talking to a lawyer gives the pedestrian the opportunity to learn more about how much compensation they could receive and to receive help making sure they don’t accept a settlement that’s too low or miss deadlines that could mean not being able to receive any compensation.

If you’re a pedestrian who has been hit by a car, it’s important to take the right steps as soon as possible to start recovering and working on your compensation claim. Talk to a lawyer today to learn more about what to do and how they can help.