Ten years ago, the developers from 4A Games could not imagine that they would create a series of popular AAA quality games based on the bestseller by Dmitry Glukhovsky. 4A Games became famous for their gloomy but soulful atmosphere of post-apocalyptic subways. And although there is very little information from the developers, today we will analyze everything we know about the active development of a new single-player metro game.

What Is a Metro Video Game?

It is a video game series that tells the story of an alternate universe where nuclear war engulfed the world in the early 2000s. Residents of Moscow who were not ready for the end of the world found salvation in the underground metro. People who survived radiation and mutants created new states. 

Now, they live on mushrooms, livestock, and war with each other. Also, the world is preserved thanks to stalkers – daredevils who go out to the radioactive capital wasteland in search of supplies.

Many deadly dangers have appeared in the world in the last 20 years that have passed since the nuclear war. The player will have to face radiation, thugs, anomalies, and monsters that inhabit both the surface and dark and creaking tunnels.

Recent Announcements

At the end of 2020, the developers confirmed that they are actively developing a new Metro game in the announcement dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the series. They are going to use everything they have learned and release a new part for the 9th generation of consoles and PCs, the best pc headset under 100 fit them best. To do this, they plan to make a global overhaul of their 4A Engine.

While graphically, their games were always top-notch, the company was always focused on a story. It is with this approach that they have created loyal fans of the franchise, which the developer promises to listen to. They are also developing an online project that may be associated with the main game.

New Story

Unfortunately, the developers did not give us even the slightest hint about what the plot of the new game might be about and where its actions will take place. All that the fans are left to do is make assumptions based on the information that is known.

The last part of the series ended when Artyom and the Aurora crew reached and settled on the shores of Lake Baikal on the territory that is free from radiation and mutants. Artyom, as the new leader of the Spartan Order, decides that the time has come to fulfill his duty and save all the inhabitants of the metro by transferring them to the new territories.

Based on this information, we can assume two theories. The first theory is that Exodus ends the trilogy about Artyom with its double-meaning title. Thus, the next part of the franchise will tell us about completely new characters. 

Perhaps, the residents of the Moscow metro will become a plot basis once again. They can radically change their views because of the evidence that there is a life outside the capital. The plot can also be based on the subways of other cities, for example, the St. Petersburg metro.

The second theory: in the fourth part, we will continue to follow Artyom. In this case, a player will combine all the stations of the Moscow Metro in order to organize migration to the regions near the Baikal Lakes.

Summing Up

The only thing we know for sure is that the author of the novels Dmitry Glukhovsky will continue to partner with 4A Games. He stated online that he is working on the plot of a new game on his Instagram page. It means that fans don’t have to worry about the plot of their favorite universe.