Whether it’s your first home or you’re an old hand at being a property owner, there are some new home essentials you can’t do without.

Read on for our handy list of nine necessary things you should plan to get sorted out as quickly as possible once you walk through the doors of your new home.

Good tradespeople

If you are a first-time buyer, it can be a shock that you are now the person who needs to organise fixes and repairs. This makes it imperative that you find local tradespeople as soon as possible. Make it a priority to get the name of a reliable plumber and a certified electrician before a tap starts leaking or a fuse goes kaput. Asking the previous owner of your new neighbours whom they use and trust is a great place to start. 

Home and contents insurance

No one likes to think of the worst happening, but if it were to, having a good quality home and contents insurance makes all the difference. If you had either type of insurance in your previous home, update your provider with your new address and give them all the information they need to ensure you are paying the right premium. 

Smoke and heat alarms 

Your safety in your new home is of the utmost importance. Scotland recently passed a law requiring hardwired smoke and heat alarms throughout homes. Not many other countries do the same, so always check if smoke and heat alarms work as soon as you move in. If you renovate a property before moving in, ensure your smoke and heat alarms are working. Properties under construction are especially at risk from fire, be it from faulty wiring or the sheer amount of combustibles in them. Don’t let your new home go up in smoke before you get a chance to live there.  

Carbon monoxide detector

Similarly, carbon monoxide detectors are essential if you have a gas boiler or fire. Known as the silent killer, Carbon Monoxide killed over 400 people last year in America alone. It would help if you ideally had a detector above or close to any gas source. Ensuring your boiler and appliances are regularly serviced is also a good way to protect yourself from a leak.

Know where the water stopcock is

It would amaze you how many people don’t know how to turn their water off. After all, why would you need to? When a pipe bursts, or if you get someone in to rehang a radiator, you will be glad you know! Ask the seller for this vital piece of information; if that’s not possible, a knowledgeable plumber should be able to find it for you.

Get Connected

Getting your internet sorted as quickly as possible is more important than ever. If you are still working from home, it’s going to be pretty hard to take part in your daily zoom call without Broadband. If you are a parent to teens, tweens or toddlers, your need for a connection to the world wide web is probably the most pressing! The good news is that most providers can change you over to a new address relatively quickly and, hopefully, painlessly. As soon as you know your move date, it is a good idea to check in with your provider to find the best way to move your account. When packing, clearly label the box with your router and necessary cables; it’ll make getting things up and running much easier.

Pay your mortgage

When discussing essentials for a new home, keeping up on your mortgage payments is, without doubt, the most important. Know exactly when your payments are due, and be sure to budget accordingly, so you are never late with a payment. If your mortgage allows for paying back more than you need each month, take full advantage of this. Paying back as little as an extra £10 or £20 each month can add to some serious savings over 20 years.

Make some friends 

We’ve dealt with a lot of doom and gloom in this list. It’s mostly tipped to prevent something terrible from happening or cover you if it does. Look at the brighter side of a new home; New neighbours! 

Try introducing yourself to the other people in your neighbourhood as soon as possible. Asking about plumbers and tradespeople, as we suggest in the first tip, could be the ideal way to break the ice.  

Add some privacy

Our final tip is pretty essential too. Make putting up curtains or blinds one of the very first things you do. It’ll make the place seem more like a home, but more importantly, you won’t terrify your new neighbour (and hopefully soon-to-be lifelong pals) when you have to sprint across the house naked from the shower to dig a towel, Out of one of your moving boxes!

Now that you have the essentials, it’s time to enjoy your new home. Take note of all the tips on this list, and you’ll feel like you’ve been living there forever!