Dental care has immensely improved over the years, making it effective. Technology plays a significant role in diagnosing and treating various dental conditions, something that was quite challenging some years back.

You need a dental kit that has your back in oral health matters. So, what should be in my dental kit? Good question; this article shows you what a new-age home dental care should have. Stick on and see which utilities you have and which ones you need to get.

An Electric Toothbrush

Nothing screams modernity as an electric toothbrush. Some years back, it was a preserve of the rich, who appreciated its sophistication and effectiveness in cleaning the oral cavity. Presently, they are affordable and more advanced, a reason for you to have them.

Oclean, a leading brand in oral care products, has the unique Sonic Electric Toothbrush. Its selling appeal includes a 180-day long standby, several brushing modes, and a 2-minute timer with a 30-seconds reminder.

Optionally, you may go for the Smart Toothbrush, which is pretty advanced and user-friendly.

Dental Floss

Dental floss comes in handy in removing debris stuck between teeth. They come in many forms, some in the traditional string form, while others have a plastic handle that works like a toothpick. You should always floss after a meal before brushing.

Water Flosser

For some people, flossing can be painful to their gums, especially if they are sensitive or diseased. If you lie in this group, there is no need to worry, as you have a solution in the form of a water flosser. It is an oral irrigator that sprays a jet of water between your teeth to remove food remains.

The water flosser is convenient, especially with teeth that are hard to reach when using dental floss. Additionally, it is ideal for removing bacteria resting under the gumline. Despite its amazing functionality, it should not replace brushing.

Toothpaste Or Toothpowder

You need a cleaning agent for your mouth; here is where toothpaste and toothpowder come into the equation. The difference between the two is that toothpaste is in the form of a paste while toothpowder is a powder, as their names hint. You can pick either, depending on your preference. 

You should be keen on various things when picking the cleaning agent, especially the ingredients. Newer toothpaste and toothpowder brands will feature additives like charcoal, chamomile, mint, and other herbs, which will promote oral health.

Moreover, you should check How many calories are in toothpaste, especially if limiting your calorie intake. 


Mouthwash has antiseptic properties and will deal with bacteria and other pathogens in your mouth. It is a liquid, allowing for its penetration into spaces in your teeth and areas you may miss when brushing. Take a mouthwash twice a day for the best results.

Final Remark

You need to update your oral care utilities to give you an advantage over menaces like halitosis and tooth decay. This article presents you with new-age home dental care accessories that you should have. Get them and prevent dental ailments.