Every day there are more of us who take advantage of the web pages or applications to learn something new. All these interactive classes, videos, applications allow us to dedicate more time to our hobbies even if we are busy with other tasks during the day. We can do what we like and learn new things without having to move from our place and at the time that best suits us.

Here are the five most interactive applications that everyone has to download and have in a corner of their computer or mobile phone.

5 worth interactive apps to download in 2023

2023 brings you new apps and some old ones too that can make your life easier and more interactive. All these apps are characterized by their easy usability and applicability to different types of operating systems.

Skoove.com – the best app to learn new songs

If you’re looking for the best way to learn piano, look no further than Skoove. Skoove has interactive and challenging lessons that are suitable for all levels of play. With inspiring music pieces and engaging lessons in notes, chords, and scales, learning piano with Skoove is not only educational but also highly entertaining. What makes it interactive?

  • works with all operating systems
  • gives you a personal feedback
  • real tutors’ feedback option available
  • visual tools for hand and finger positions
  • playlongs to play along the full band
  • ear training 
  • easy to use

Don’t let boredom stop you from reaching your dream; take the first steps towards mastering the piano with Skoove today!

Google Classroom – interactive learning platform for educational institutions 

Google Classroom is an interactive learning platform to help keep students engaged and connected wherever they are. It allows teachers to:

  • create and collect assignments
  • interact with the students in real-time or via notifications
  • program tasks
  • announce something 
  • program activities
  • upload documents 

It provides a great way for teachers to expand their classroom beyond the school walls, which makes the learning experience even more enjoyable for both faculty and students alike. In addition, Google Classroom’s integration with other Google products like Gmail make it simple to coordinate group activities and ensure everyone is on the same page in a matter of minutes.

DoodleLearning – the best app to master math

The DoodleLearning app is a unique platform to study math and English, offering users access to the must-haves of each of these subjects. Math lovers especially will find this app interesting and engaging for offering

  • thousands of exercises
  • logical problems
  • adaptive system that recognizes their individual strengths and weaknesses

This allows for an experience that caters to different levels of knowledge and understanding, making it ideal for any user. The fun interface encourages users to sharpen their skills at their own pace, learning from their mistakes and getting rewarded for accomplishments as they make progress.

Basmo.app – obtain a habit to read books 

Have you ever felt like you wanted more from your reading journey? If so, then Basmo is the perfect solution for you! This amazing app not only helps to keep track of books that you have read, but also aids in getting started with reading highlights and even journaling once you’ve finished a book. This cutting-edge technology allows users to challenge themselves by creating goals and targets to strive for each year. Basmo offers:

  • tools to highlight while reading
  • paperlike pages
  • opinion giving tools in the end of each book
  • planification tools

With all these unique tools Basmo is a real treasure for book lovers and for those who have not found their reading path yet.

Mint.intuit.com – everyone needs to save money

Mint.intuit.com is an amazing resource for anyone looking to get their finances in order. From tracking your bank and credit card accounts, to creating a budget and monitoring your credit score, this web page has you covered! 

There’s no need to stress over where or how to save your money; the option to link all of your accounts takes the headache out of maintaining them. Plus, as an added bonus, Mint offers totally free access to your credit score – which is always helpful when it comes to tracking your financial progress. With strong financial management tools and reliable customer support, Mint can be a great partner in achieving financial success.

Final thoughts

To summarize, there are thousands of apps and interactive platforms in the online market, but if you want to use ones that are really useful and can make life easier for you, you can follow the choice that we have made through a detailed investigation of the most useful applications. The characteristics that all the above mentioned apps share are their adaptability to different systems, easy usage and user-friendly concept. Entertaining content is another key point. 

And as Roy T. Bennett states, “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” Thus try and be happy!