Do you know what a dork is known for?

They are familiar with lots and lots of information (sometimes over the cliff) with an obsessive need to share. Sometimes it does sounds cool you know, if a person can store so much information in their mind like Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory)?!

In honest opinion, when it comes to information there’s one thing that every girl knows for sure (can you guess it?)….a fairytale moment!

Just the ways guys love their silly soccer games and fishing and chilling out (as if it’s a real thing), girls, on the other hand, are watching some of the Disney’s made productions. One thing that you completely fall in love, despite how brave the main protagonist, is the setting of the story.

Castles takeout in Canadian Land

All the castles are shown in the movies always pique the interest of the viewer, and if I’m being honest here everyone loves the castles don’t they?

You might be wondering what it has to do with Canada.  It’s interesting to see how many tourists travel to Canada for sight-seeing, educational purposes, and business tours, etc.  You keep coming up with unique excuses to make your way around on Toronto Airport Limo for brand new traveling adventures.

Canada has much of its tourism industry flourish thanks to the mighty wonders and the architectural sites including some of the best castle sightseeing!

·       Casa Loma, Toronto

Let’s start with the big players. Toronto is an amazing city with lots of traveling food and caffeine options to choose from so it doesn’t come as a surprise you will find your first castle for the day here.

In the heart of downtown Toronto lies Casa Loma, a fairytale reality waiting to be explored. The original structure was completed in 1914 and estimated expenditures of $3.5million! Darn expensive but worth the wait (three years to be exact). It has a best finishing look with grandeur gardens, secret passageways, and a mind-blogging art collection.

If you want a fairytale wedding then it can serve the purpose too as the place is open for many private and public events.

·       Château Frontenac, Quebec City

French have amazing tales to tell, and one of the amazing chateau-styled inspirations is in form of Chateau Frontenac overlooking St. Lawrence River in Quebec City.  Technically it’s a hotel but the towers and turrets are what make this castle architecture popular among many.

Back in the day, it was popular for historical dignitaries visiting the hotel like Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt with Mackenzie King during World War. The town sight overlooking the river gives a renaissance look to the building.

If you want to be inspired by how royalty feels like, you can book a stay here. It’s all worth it!

·       Hatley Castle, Victoria

If you are an X-Men franchise fan then perk up your ears because this castle served as Xavier’s School for Gifted! No wonder the exterior looked so familiar.

Now that you are all attentive, know this the building was completed in 1908 and formerly used as dormitory but just look at the lavish oakwood interior, its stunning! The best thing indeed is the use of oakwood and rosewood for paneling and teak flooring.

It is a Marvel’s fairytale for nerds who wished they were mutants. Besides that, the property is now used as a part of Royal Roads University. So if you are interested to get a grand tour you can kill two birds with one stone.

·       Boldt Castle, Thousands Island

Did you ever dream about a summer fairytale getaway? This is your ultimate chance to get on Limo service GTA and travel from Toronto to the shores, take a ferry to Thousands Island. With a magnificent picturesque view, Boldt Castle, initially, was constructed as a tribute for a business magnate but who knew it would fulfill our castle fantasy?

Technically it is situated in the U.S (although serves American and Canadian sides) but this is can be your favorite destination for a long while now.  It’s a perfect blend of history, grandeur, and nature a perfect gift for the onlookers. 

For your first time visiting Thousands Islands, this is a pretty much big deal, just imagine if you visit the place you get the chance to admire the interiors and stroll through the galleries and much more.

Seems Surreal Right?

Well, of course, it is. Fairytales are not only about finding the one true love but it also gives you clever ideas for a royal travel experience. Maybe you will find you’re happily ever after!