Every magic begins with a plan

When spring is dancing all around in the air, you look for a trip. We are a group of four. People call us the crazy four in the office. We love traveling and showing up with new experiences. This could be the main thing that connects us together. We all are ready to take new adventures in life. This time we were chatting at a tea table, never knowing that we will plan the best trip of our life here. The idea of visiting Disney world resorts was the best pop-up one could have. So we divided the jobs and started to plan the trip.

Here we go….

Disney world resorts are well-known for their magic in ambiance. The theme resorts are famous for their infrastructure and the services one could get there. We opted to travel in their transportation service. We received our Disney luggage tags when we reached the Orland airport, and our luggage was directly sent to the hotel by Disney. We also enjoyed the traveling perks in Disney world resort throughout the trip. Moreover, the ones who opt for the Disney transport service get the chance to travel in the resort and back to their location that is Orlando airport. 

We enjoyed the fast pass.

When you become a part of Disney World resort, you get a fast pass and don’t need to stay in line to enjoy the world-famous attractions in the resort. This is because the rides in the theme land are pretty attractive and busy. This is so common to wait for two to three hours when you are in line. That’s why we chose to get our fast pass and got the chance to enjoy many places without waiting. The sad reality is, this pass is not applicable on all the rides, but the ones available were amazing too.

When we got the extra magic hours

People who stay at Disney world resort get access to the Disney parks for some extra hours before or after public hours. The resort management schedule these hours, and people get the notifications. We were happy enough to enjoy some extra hours when we wanted to chill out more randomly.

Stay at the best place.

Usually, when we go on a vacation to some resort, we miss our homemade meal. Disney has something unique for you. We had easy access to the kitchen and laundry, where we can make our meals and get our clothes done independently. It was like we saved much there, and at times we enjoyed this. There are categories of Disney properties like villas, which are ready to live in vacations. You can avail many other such properties at Disney resorts.

When we tried the Disney dining plan

We four decided that we will take a break from cooking our own for a few days and will avail of the Disney dining plan. It turned out into a fantastic decision. We enjoyed our favorite cuisine and explored new tastes from all around the world. The dining plan at Disney world resort is so affordable and worth an investment; we enjoyed having a fantastic time there.

There is also a themed dinner table that has to be booked 180 days before your visit. Suppose you want a Cinderella dining table there, so you need to book it far before paying for your stay. Unfortunately, this was not possible for us to avail at such short notice. However, next time, we will definitely try it.

You can save a lot of time and money here.

When you are staying at Disneyworld resort, you can go there on nap time, and also after the long day at the park, you can go back there. However, suppose you choose an off-site hotel. In that case, you might need a different plan, and it would be rather challenging to manage everything efficiently. Whenever we were all done with our activities. We used to go back to the hotel and back to the magic after a short nap.

Perks of staying at the resort

Along with all the perks mentioned above, we also got bands for all of us. Applicable for rides in the park. We swam in the best pools of Orlando, we bought a lot of gifts for family from Disney products which were straight delivered to our hotel room.

This trip was the most memorable trip of our life. We took notes that could have made our trip much better. Until we see again.

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