This article is written on the basis of research done by Psychologist Ciaran Mc Mahon. On observing carefully it can be realized that it has been a decade that social media became a public sensation and now it became an indispensable part of the lives of the public.

Through this research, it has been found out and discussed in this article what effect social media has on the public minds that they love it so much. While reading this article one might be thinking mostly how Facebook has made an impact but this article has covered all the social media and a collective aspect is discussed here.

So let us discuss this taking the most popular social media one at a time.

1. Facebook: This is the largest social media platform having endless features. Starting from chatting, sharing photos, videos, reels, life events, accomplishments everything is shared here. It increases a lot of transparency among the users.

Even whom we do not know, we get to know them a lot. Not only our friends but also our enemies stay in close contact. Also, gaming is available here. This helps to remove isolation from one’s life and helps people to stay together.

2. Omegle: Omegle is one of the great stranger chatting platforms with a very massive community of online random chatting. The Omegle name is also famous with the name of “Talk with strangers”. Here you can directly connect with and random people for video conversation free.

3. YouTube: This is the second most used platform after Facebook. YouTube is the best place for entertainment. One can see videos of endless categories like standup comedy, singing, instruments playing, choreography, endless movies, troll videos, movie reviews, news, achievements of big companies, prank videos, and whatnot.

Also, endless education videos are present on youtube. It is also helpful for people who are preparing for competitive or any other kind of exams also. I mean nothing is needed more for entertainment.

Also, these are available in the Facebook video section, still, youtube has its own glamour. Binge-watching is one of the most favorite pastimes of the public today. It gives them amazing relaxation after a whole tiring day.

4. Coomeet: It’s a really amazing video conversation platform similar to the Omegle website. SO, if you are locking something new trend in social media sites then try out Coomeet video chat free.

5. Instagram: This platform is the king of aesthetics. The most popular social media platform crossing the favoritism of Facebook nowadays due to its growth rates. Instagram is becoming popular due to its visual characteristics.

The visual images, IGTV, REELS are the most unique features of Instagram which are very engaging and also very entertaining. Time flies by but we do not end up getting satisfied with this platform’s intriguing nature.

6. Twitter: Usually referred to as the supreme court of the common folks where every individual considers themselves as the chief justice. Whatever news comes or whatever the trend is, people rush into Twitter knowing every single aspect of it and hence giving comments. The most engaging features of Twitter are the trending news coming up and the retweet feature.

7. Pinterest: Finally the newest player on the ground. It is literally a photo gallery of anything you want to see. Anything means anything. You can save these images or videos for referring later.