Canadians love sports. There is no question about it. Millions of Canadians tune into, bet on, and play sports every single day. But what they watch, play, or wager on different gambling sites depends on them. There are many different sports Canadians enjoy, not just one or two. And Canadians can find networks that showcase a huge number of games or sportsbooks with odds on favourites and underdogs in a massive amount of sports.

So, what exactly are Canadians most tuned into? There are several key sports that are most beloved by Canadians. In no particular order, let’s look at ten of the most popular sports in Canada to play, watch, and gamble on. 


Hockey is unquestionably Canada’s passion, as fans there are massive supporters. All the betting sites in Canada cover multiple major hockey leagues such as NHL, OHL, WHL and QMJHL which boast numerous teams within Canada’s borders. Many Canadians have skated from before they could walk – evidenced by some of the finest hockey players ever produced here!


Basketball has taken off across Canada ever since the arrival of Toronto Raptors in the 1990s and now stands as a staple sport for Canadians of all ages and backgrounds. There are Canadian superstars in the NBA, rising prospects in college, and everywhere you look in the country, you’ll find basketball courts crowded with players.


Golf has achieved a massive following in Canada, with a huge number of residents wagering, playing, and watching the sport. There are incredible courses across the country, from the links-style courses found in the Maritimes to the world-renowned mountain golf courses in Alberta and British Columbia. There are also several top-notch Canadians on the PGA Tour.


Baseball is an immensely popular sport in Canada. The Toronto Blue Jays are a successful MLB franchise that millions of Canadians watch live or on television every year. Given the team’s prominence, many are keen to follow the Toronto Blue Jays odds during the season, speculating on their chances in upcoming games. What’s more, many Canadians grow up playing the game, and it is a hugely enjoyable sport that has found success across the Canadian market.


Tennis is an international game that Canadians enjoy significantly. There are a vast number of people in the country who head to courts during their downtime. What is great to see about the sport is that many Canadians are starting to find success at a professional level, further enhancing the interest of bettors and fans. 


Soccer is the world’s most beloved sport, played by billions around the globe. While Canada lagged behind during previous World Cup tournaments, recent years have witnessed Canadian soccer thrive; winning its inaugural appearance since 1984 in 2022’s World Cup tournament hosted partially in Canada itself. Furthermore, hosting partially the 2026 tournament should only increase the popularity for this form of play further still.


Football may be America’s Game, but that doesn’t stop Canadians from watching and betting on it every Sunday – they too are passionate fans and any rumor of an NFL team coming here would most definitely meet with support from Canadians.


Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts have long been fan-favourite sports among Canadians, making these combat sports among our most beloved. Renowned Canadian fighters such as Georges St-Pierre have helped elevate these combat sports to reach new audiences throughout Canada.


Lacrosse is Canada’s national summer sport, and it is a game with incredible history in the country. While it isn’t on as many television networks or betting sites, it is still a hugely popular game that many Canadians love to play.


Winter brings Canada’s stunning alpine terrain into play for many Canadians looking for an adventure, including world-renowned ski resorts like Banff and Whistler which make Canada one of the leading countries for skiing.