Millions of Americans love their outdoors, and to explore the paths less taken, they require quality umbrellas among other gear.

These provide shelter from harmful UV rays, help you relax after a long work-week, catch up with friends, family and acquaintances, conduct business meetings- the possibilities are endless.

Planning to host an event and yet unsure of the size of café umbrellas you’d require?

Do read on!

The 10 most popular café umbrellas by size

Let’s start with the smaller models and then move on to the big boys.

  1. 6’x6’ square café: This is the smallest model that most manufacturers, including Flare Shade, retail. Do not be fooled by the size: such an outdoor tent is capable enough of hosting an intimate event with a handful of people. 

This is a commercial-grade shelter with an aluminium frame that weighs 22 pounds. The maximum clearance is upwards of 7 feet/2.2m. The roof can be custom-printed per your choice.

  1. 7’x7’ square café: This is a pretty popular model as the diameter and overall size makes it both versatile and convenient. Perhaps its greatest strength is that this model is a lot slimmer than the rest; you can easily tuck them into a standard dining table mounting shaft without breaking a sweat.

This is a thoroughbred outdoor umbrella and is ideal for intimate meet-ups and private lunches.

  1. 8’x8’ square café: Next up is this fine addition to the range of square café umbrellas. With the high-quality and fade-resistant roof, these umbrellas can be used for both business and pleasure. These have a durable aluminium frame with a maximum clearance of over 7 feet. 

Highly recommended if you are planning to go hiking, given that these are easily carried!

  1. 10’x10’ square café: This is universally considered to be the biggest member of the square café umbrella family. With a durable aluminium frame that weighs a mere 27 pounds and a clear height of just shy of 9 feet, this is one outdoor umbrella you can use almost anywhere- from beaches to patios to trade fairs!

Extreme Canopy, one of the USA’s largest manufacturers and retailers of shading solutions, also retails these Flare Shade umbrellas. 

All these square models are members of the Saville range, a licensed trademark of Flare Shade.

  1. 8’ octagonal café: 5th on this list are the 8-feet octagonal café umbrellas. Octagonal umbrellas are the epitome of style; they look good wherever you plant them. The 8-feet model is a standard fixture for business promotions and can be seen at trade fairs & so on.

These are heavy duty umbrellas with aluminium frames and a pretty thick central pole. However, they do not weigh a lot and can be set up with ease. 

  1. 9’ octagonal ‘Classic Patio’: This is one of the most remarkable café umbrellas as it is tailormade for outdoor use. The ‘Classic Patio’ will fit almost any American outdoor table, providing a readymade shelter and keeping you sun-safe. Its 38mm pole profile also makes it distinguishable. 

A true modern classic.

  1. 10’ octagonal café: We began by asking you whether you were confused by the perfect café umbrella for events. This model- the 10-feet octagonal- might just be your silver bullet. With its elegance and streamlined design, this outdoor umbrella can be a perfect companion to every endeavour you undertake.

What’s more, it marks the middle-ground; the rest of the lot can be pretty big! 

  1. 11’ octagonal café: On paper, it won’t seem too different from the preceding model. However, the extra height and clearance, plus the bigger roof are all value additions. If you wish, you can easily purchase a model of this size from respected companies and use it for promoting your business.

Full Colour Digital Printing of the roof is available in numerous shades and textures! ROI is superb too.

  1. 13’ octagonal café: The 13-footer has always sold well because of the space it provides. These quality outdoor umbrellas can provide a shade area of nearly 72 inches. For your benefit, we have added a table at the end of this section. These umbrellas are as adept at business promotions as they are for hiking and camping trips. 

Trust only branded models; else, your prized commercial umbrellas like the 13’ octagonal will start leaking as soon as it starts raining!

The US’s Extreme Canopy retails these octagonal café umbrellas as the Matisse range. Flare Shade US is the manufacturer. The company imports Recasens acrylic from Spain.

  1. 14’ octagonal café: This rounds up our list of the top 10 café umbrellas by size. The 14-footer is enormous and you might require a bit of practise before you try and set it up. Other characteristics, including the aluminium frame and a clearance of more than 7.5 feet, make it a delight for large gatherings, regardless of the nature of the event!

Summing up

Remember that it is a great idea to buy outdoor umbrellas only from reputed brands. You get warranty on the fabric and other parts of the parasol besides access to a superb range of accessories and other bells and whistles.

Did we miss something you would like to add? 

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