As online shopping becomes more popular, there sure is a lot of stuff to ship. From groceries to electronic items, more people have switched to online shopping as the benefits outweigh the costs.

If you have opened up an online business, you should learn your shipping options. Shipping may seem like it’s just delivering items from one point to the other. But there is a science in shipping to ensure that your business is successful.

This guide will teach you the basic types of shipping and how you can adapt each one to fit your business style. Keep reading!

Different Types of Shipping Methods

There are many different shipping methods. The shipping method used depends on the nature of the goods and the amount of time required for delivery. The most common types of shipping include:

Air Shipping

Air shipping is one of the most popular and widely used shipping methods for customers and businesses alike. Shipping items by air is fast, reliable, and secure. It is popular for large shipments of expensive and fragile items.

Air shipping offers delivery estimates that are more accurate than other shipment methods. With air shipping, packages can be delivered virtually anywhere in the world in just a matter of days.

If you are looking to ship oversized items by air to a specific location like Tennessee, you need to seek out an air shipping permit. Learn about Tennessee oversized permits for more information about safety requirements and shipping regulations.

Maritime Shipping

Maritime shipping is an effective way to transport goods around the world. There are several different ocean shipping methods, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Container shipping, RORO shipping, and Break bulk shipping are the most commonly used types of maritime shipping.

Container shipping is the most reliable and secure freight method, in which goods are transported in large containers. RORO shipping is less secure and has fewer tracking options, but it allows car carriers to minimize costs. Break bulk shipping is the least cost-effective form of ocean shipping and involves multiple handling, allowing for smaller shipments.

Land Shipping

Land shipping is the type of shipping that is used for transporting goods via road, rail, or any other ground-based means. Land shipping offers great flexibility in terms of delivery times and routes. It allows you to choose exactly how quickly or slowly your goods can reach their destination.

Land shipping can be slower than air or sea shipping. It is usually cheaper and more reliable. This type of shipping often includes pickup and delivery, storage, and customer tracking.

Choose the Best Shipping Option for You

Finding the right shipping method can be challenging, but it pays off. Understanding the different types of shipping methods is key to cost-effectiveness and delivery reliability. There are many considerations in shipping, such as cost, speed, services, and size.

Our guide provides a platform to analyze the various shipping types available in the market. It will help you make informed decisions based on researching individual options. That being said, start your journey today and explore the possibilities that shipping can provide.

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