Weddings are special and exciting occasions, but it’s no secret that they can cost a small fortune to put on. While there are certain parts of the wedding that you’ll have to accept paying out for, such as your venue, marriage licenses, and catering, there are others that you can alter to help you save money. Invitations are one of those wedding essentials that have to be sent out, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money getting a professional printer to do it. Here is a quick guide to homemade wedding invitations that you might find useful.

Invest in Quality Materials

Although this is the cheaper option, you don’t want your invitations to feel or look cheap. When you are creating your wedding invitations by hand, invest in quality paper, cards, and other materials for them. It will still be cheaper than hiring a professional to design and print your invitations, but at least they will still look great when they arrive in the post.

Use Stencils

Unless you are particularly talented at calligraphy, you might want to use stencils to keep the text on your invitations looking neat and attractive. You can get custom stencils made if you would like to with your names, the wedding date, venue, etc., and this will keep all of your invitations consistent. You could even get stencils with small images to add some flair to your invitations, and you can keep them as a memento of your wedding.

Get Some Help

Even if you’re not having a huge wedding with hundreds of guests, handmaking the invitations will take a lot of time and effort. It’s always a good idea to rope in some help from your friends, whether that’s members of the bridal party, the groomsmen, or both! If you have some friends that particularly enjoy arts and crafts, ask them if they are willing to help, as they are the most likely to say yes and will hopefully have some arty skills already that will result in gorgeous invitations. You can always bribe people with the offer of a homecooked meal or cocktails afterward to encourage people to help out.

Do Not Leave It Until the Last Minute

Even if you’re keeping the designs simple to make them easier for you, don’t make the mistake of underestimating how long it will take to handmake your wedding invitations. Always get started on this project at least a few weeks before you need to send them out, as this will give you time to correct any mistakes and avoid adding unnecessary stress.

Write a Guest List 

Finally, to make sure that you do not leave anyone out or accidentally write multiple invites for one person, write out your wedding guest list and check names off as you go. If you have a few people helping you to write out your invitations, split the guest list up and give each person a certain number of names to fill out so that no one gets muddled.

If you want to save some money on your wedding celebrations, consider handmaking your invitations and use this guide to help you do it.