Would you like to hire a food marketing agency in London? There are a lot of teams in the capital that claim they are the best. But, the truth is, it is easy to be fooled by an attractive website. Some companies do have the gift of the gab. Then, you can find out later on that the team is not able to deliver the results they promised.

This is not to scare you away from hiring a food marketing agency. Instead, it is to alert you that you have to do in-depth research before choosing what agency to go for. This makes sure that you benefit from their services. So, here is a helpful guide of things you should look at.

Note Your First Impression

Before you get into the details, visit the website and take note of what your first impression is. Do you feel like the agency is personal and warm? Do they seem cold and clinical in their approach to clients? While you are going to have to do further research to really make up your mind, your first impression is important. A gut feeling can play a role later on if you are weighing up a couple of agencies. 

For example, something that a lot of business owners do not like is being flooded with information. Indeed, nobody wants to have to scroll through paragraphs and paragraphs of information. It is boring and often unhelpful. A website we like is https://www.ceres-pr.co.uk/food-marketing-agency-london. Here, you can see an overview of information about Ceres PR without feeling overwhelmed. Then, you have the freedom to explore other areas of the site.

Consider Previous Clients

Looking at previous clients can give you an insight into the work of a food marketing agency. You can see what type of clients they have helped before, which can be helpful because the food industry is varied. For instance, perhaps they have worked more with baker brands and farms. Alternatively, they could have experience with restaurants and well-known celebrities breaking into the market.

Thus, take the time to look at the client names they have on their website. It can be reassuring to see they have worked for well-known brands. It means that their team are trustworthy and this can be something you need to take the plunge and hire them.

Look At Case Studies

A good agency will offer you case studies you can read on their website. This is proof of what they can really do for a brand. After all, everyone can talk the talk online. But, you want a team that can also walk the walk. Case studies will explain what a brand wanted, what the team did to help and what they were able to achieve. They can be very insightful.

Hopefully, the agency will provide several case studies that you can look at. This can be information to read, as well as content to view. If their website does not provide this type of information, you may want to ask for it before hiring them. Treat it as evidence they know what they are doing.

Read Their Blog

Another good way to gain a better understanding of a food marketing agency is to read their blog. This allows you to see how they frame content, as well as what it is like to read. After all, this might be one of the tasks they take over from you when they are marketing your brand. 

An agency’s blog also lets you see whether that team keeps up with the latest trends. Things frequently change when it comes to marketing and this might be why you are branching out and hiring experts. So, you want to see that they keep up with what is going on and this is particularly true in the food industry.

Contact the Team

If you find a food marketing agency in London that you like, there is nothing else to do but contact them. This is going to see if everything you think about them is true. For instance, you can test how approachable and professional the team are to your inquiry. You can monitor how long they take to answer you, as well as how they frame the answers to your questions and how helpful they are. This allows you to see what it would be like to work with them long-term.

Take advantage of calling or emailing the team by asking the questions you want to know. That is what the members of their team are there for. The whole experience you have during this time can make or break your opinion on that agency.