We’re all familiar with the most common types of file formats that we use for work or school. We commonly know their names, but how much do we know about them?

In this article, we will be sharing more information about PDFs and PNGs, and how to convert them. So keep on reading!

Why Do We Need This?

Converting a PDF to PNG online file comes with some benefits. To start, PNG works with a “lossless” compression file format. It means that the files are compressed in such a way that the degradation of quality in the file is virtually undetectable. PNG is perfect for storing text and graphics of which most PDF files contain. It presents itself as an easy way to store more of these files while at the same time taking up less space in your device’s memory.

Usually, the main reason why we need to convert a PDF file into PNG is that the documents need to be presented or viewed as an image or a set of images. This is why PNGs are more ideal for logos, graphs, posters, or illustrations. This type of file format also allows users to edit and save images multiple times. It is very beneficial for editors, illustrators, students, and people who are in that same line of the hobby.

On the other hand, PDFs are ideal for printing, so this is a great choice if you’ve made the final touches to your file and are ready for it to be distributed and used. PDFs are also easily downloadable, so it would be easy to save any documents.

Converting files has been made easy by the free and accessible sites online that help you convert files with only a few steps.

How Do We Do It?

You can convert PDF files to PNG in many ways. Conversion is often integrated into PDF reading or editing software such as Adobe Acrobat. However, the bulk of conversions are done using online websites, without the need for payment, or downloading any software onto your device. Simply drag and drop any PDF file you want to convert, and then you can download it again in PNG format.

Countless sites offer this service, and some of them are gogopdf.com, PDFBear.com, pdf2png.com, and freepdfconvert.com. We will be focusing on gogopdf and we’ve listed a step-by-step guide on how to use the site and the features that it has.

Step-By-Step Guide for Gogopdf

  1. Choose or drag the PDF file that you wish to convert to the site.
  2. The server will scan your file, and gogopdf will begin its extraction process.
  3. Give the site a few minutes to finish the extraction process.
  4. And once the file is done converting, you can now download the PNG file and share it with others.

Features of Gogopdf

Aside from being free and accessible to everyone, gogopdf has more features that would make converting your documents easier. First, the website is very user-friendly. The interface is not cluttered, which makes it simple for users of any age to maneuver.

Second, the conversion is done very quickly. Unlike other applications where it takes a few minutes to load, gogopdf’s file conversion is quick. This maximizes your time as a user and allows you to move on and accomplish more of the day’s work.

Third, it is precise and accurate. When converting files, users tend to worry that the software will not render their files properly. Well, you’re in good hands with gogopdf! The original orientation and layout of the document are not disrupted when converted to a PNG, and as a result, the finished product maintains the original quality.

Fourth, since it’s a free site, normally you would worry about the privacy of the files that you upload. On this site, you can count on their Customer Data Privacy Policy. The documents that you have uploaded are safeguarded even with their free service. The site deletes all files an hour after the upload, so you don’t have to worry about people going through your important files or documents online.

Fifth, the site is supported through all operating systems and major web

browsers, which makes it accessible to everyone around. And lastly, it provides cloud safety and security. You don’t have to worry about downloading extra unsecured or unsupported applications onto your laptop or desktop because you can easily convert your documents online through gogopdf’s website. All you need is a stable internet connection, your file, and your device.


Conversion is just one of the many 21st century tools we have to familiarize. Saving is essential in every aspect of life, even digitally! Now you have another trick up your sleeve in case you have to do some presentations, need to use a PDF graphically, or just when you want to store tons of files.