Selecting a trustworthy courier service takes a lot of effort. The correct courier service can make the distinction between a successful business or a disastrous one. Not having a trustworthy courier company can affect your entire business in particular when it comes to the pack, pick and send function. To help you in this process, this article provides a guide to help you choose a trustworthy Perth courier service.

Cost benefits

The most glaring problem to consider is how cost-effective your courier service is? Is their service affordable and rated high by consumers or do they overcharge and under-deliver?


When weighing your options this is a key factor to bear in mind. Do they have a history of losing parcels or breaking them or do they fake signatures? Be very careful, as the cheapest services providers are usually a scam in disguise. 

If your looking for an established courier, checking out their customer’s reviews is a good idea. Websites like Trustpilot and HelloPeter provide previous clients with a chance to share their experiences with various couriers. Their rating ranks will give you a good idea of the courier’s strengths and weaknesses which can help you make decisions tailored to your needs.

Global footprint

A global footprint is a healthy sign of a good and efficient business. If the company has a bad logistical infrastructure, it wouldn’t grow to such a big size. It also speaks volumes about the capacity they can handle as a business. For instance, it indicates that they can take in large orders and deliver them in a short space of time.

When assessing courier services, a good place to start is to look for well-known names like couriers in Florida. Brands found in this location for example signify a global presence and an ability to operate at a high capacity. 

Do they process next-day delivery?

Convenience is key and people are willing to pay anything for it. We live in an age where access to information is instant, social media gives allowance for immediate gratification. This notion has extended to our deliveries and e-commerce platforms like Amazon who are capitalizing on the situation. That said, you can narrow down your search and only shortlist courier companies that have a functional next-day delivery option.

The effectiveness of their tracking systems

In the eyes of the consumer, tracking deliveries is a huge plus. This feature allows consumers to follow their parcel as it makes its way through to them, helping them to better manage their time. This way they don’t have to stay in the house all day waiting for their parcel to arrive. 

Research has revealed that 83.4% of households want to get details about the progress of their delivery, with 61% of people wanting a time window of when their order is expected to arrive. 

Do they have a money-back guarantee should something go wrong?

Even with the best courier service with a fluid operational process, you always need ‘Plan B’ just in case something goes wrong. Practically this could mean parcels being delivered late or goods arriving damaged to the customer. In this regard, choosing a courier based on their money-back guarantee to incase something wrong happens is smart. You can find this information in the terms and conditions in the contract you may sign or you can contact their customer service team to find this out right away.