If you have decided to get married and cater your own wedding rather than having it organized by a huge venue, then you are not alone. It has become extremely popular for betrothed couples to plan their own wedding catering. It makes the celebration more special and intimate as well as saving you a fortune. Here is a guide to catering your own wedding. 

Decide Who Is Doing the Catering

The idea of catering your own wedding can mean different things to different people. For example, it may mean that you decide to physically do the catering yourselves. This is the cheapest option although it is a lot of hassle. Alternatively, you could ask one of your relatives who is a great caterer to do the food for you. Then you could pay them accordingly or ask for their services rather than a wedding gift. The third option is to hire a catering company. It can be as intimate and personal as you like without you having to get your hands dirty. Owen Brothers Catering is one of the leading event caterers in London, and they supply quality food that is freshly prepared and beautifully presented to the guests. They can work with you to meet all dietary requirements smoothly.  

Set a Budget

As with anything you pay for, you should set a budget and try to stick to it. That way there are no nasty surprises when the bills come in. Plan the menu and count up your RSVPs to get a good idea of how much the catering is likely to cost you. Don’t forget, if you can save some money here it may allow you to be more extravagant elsewhere. 

Choose the Food You Like

It is not going to be possible to please everyone so choose the food you like to eat, and the guests can eat it too. A set menu is the easiest type to cater to when you are expecting a lot of guests. One popular option is to go for themed catering such as your favorite cuisine or a vegan menu. If you google ‘vegan caterers near me’ you may find names like Native Food, which is a great vegan caterer with multiple restaurant locations so you can try out their food ideas.


A diversion from the set menu should be made for guests with allergies. After all, you don’t want to have to call your guest an ambulance because they were allergic to something. Send out the menu with the invitations and ask guests to let you know on the RSVP if they have any allergies. 

Hire Servers

However you have decided to cater your wedding you will need to hire servers to serve it to you. Even if you have opted for a buffet, someone is still going to have to lay the food out and dish it up for the guests. Servers are likely to make or break the catering at your wedding so make sure you have enough hands-on deck and don’t end up having to do the serving yourself. 

Follow this guide to catering your own wedding and it should go wonderfully for you. Now all you have to do is plan and prepare for the rest of the day.