What are stretched ear hangers?

A stretched ear hanger is a jewelry piece worn in stretched earlobes. This type of jewelry allows for the stretched ear hole to be able to retain its natural look. Many people find this style more preferable than a plug that has been used for long periods and stretched out too far.

What can they be made of?

Stretched ear hangers come in various materials such as gold, silver, surgical steel, and titanium or bioplast material that doesn’t require piercing-gun use using only special tools like long-nosed pliers and surgical steel hand-made tools.

A stretched ear hanger can be made up of surgical steel, titanium, niobium, gold, and even silver.

How common are stretched ear hangers?

Stretched ear hangers or stretched gauged ears have become more popular in the past few years. Nowadays, you see people from all walks of life wearing these jewelry pieces, which used to be exclusive for those who favored alternative fashion styles such as gothic looks.

You also get to see celebrities sporting stretched ear hangers-on magazine covers endorsing a variety of products now available today like clothing brands, cosmetic products (eye make-up too), and watches, just to name a few.

Why use stretched ear hangers instead of plugs?

Plugs are stretched earpieces that look more like cylinders or tunnels. They can be worn long-term and stretched a size bigger over time but once stretched too big, they cannot be pulled back into place, so stretched ear hangers are better suited if you wish to retain your stretched earlobe’s natural shape.

Also, many people prefer a stretched ear hanger, especially if they work in an office setting where uniform policies require jewelry to cover the ear lobe’s un-pierced part, making it easier for them to comply with their company’s dress code.

Who usually wears stretched ear hangers?

You get to find many different types of people sporting these stretched gauged ears from those in the entertainment industry, models, actresses, and rock bands.

If you want to acquire your stretched ear hanger at a very low cost from a reliable source here in Singapore without having to go through painful procedures by visiting a piercing studio or tattoo parlor that charges an arm and a leg for these stretched ear jewelry pieces, then you can visit us today to get full sets of stretched gauged ears using our custom made order options.

You can also get stretched ear hangers that are generic in size and bought by the dozen for wholesale purposes. They come with a variety of styles to choose from – barbells, circular bars, hoops, curved barbells (for stretched conch piercings), captive bead rings (CBR), and even stretched screw fit pieces.

These stretched ear hangers can be worn with different kinds of stretched gauged ear piercings like stretched lobes, stretched plugs, and stretched conch piercings too.


Stretched ear hangers are the perfect accessories to wear with any outfit. They can be found in diverse price ranges, and they come in many different styles like gold chain dangling or a simple hoop pendant.

The best earrings to wear with stretched ears are any circular or hoop style that has a thin wire and small diameter. These styles provide the most comfort for those who have had their lobes pierced.

If you want your jewelry to be visible, then choose hoops in light colors such as gold or silver. For more discreet options, go with studs or smaller rings that can easily hide under hair when needed.