Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Arc Studios is a great place to film your next project. We are a video production facility with state-of-the-art technology and a talented team ready to help you with any of your video production needs!

In the past, when you needed to film a video, you would have to make heaps of effort to get the perfect location shoot, build the perfect set, and outsource special effects and editing. But now, you can do all of this under one roof at Arc Studios! Our video production facility offers an extensive array of services with ease!

We use specialized technology to make sure that all our videos are of top-notch quality. Our technology enables us to get you the best product out there and helps us make sure all your needs are met!

Some of our equipment includes:

  1. Robotic motion control equipment – This equipment allows us to make sure all our videos are filmed with precision, accuracy, and speed. Robotic motion control equipment allows us to make smooth videos; they eliminate glitches and give you a high-quality product in the end!
  2. In-camera visual effects (ICVFX) – ICVFX allows us to capture visual effects while filming, rather than having to edit them in the post-production process. This helps us make our videos as realistic as possible, making it seem like the visual effects are actually there; this helps our product look super natural, clear, crisp, and smooth.
  3. LED Volume – LED Volume provides high-quality lighting for video production. In comparison to traditional lighting equipment, LED volume offers superior images and brings a crisp quality into the production process.
  4. 3D – 3D equipment enables us to make videos that give the illusion of three-dimensional solidity. Such types of videos can help give your videos a more life-like and expensive feel, making them attractive to viewers and advantageous to your brand.
  5. Extended Reality (xR) – Extended reality is an overall term that refers to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Such technology integrates the five senses; sight is integrated by striking light on the retina of the eye, smell is integrated through odor molecules, and hearing is integrated through pressure waves.

This is just some of the amazing technology we have here at Arc Studios. When it comes to video production, we take our work seriously; we make sure to provide you with any technology, software, or equipment that your video needs.

When you come to our video production facility, you are guaranteed to get the best service and the best product possible; but if this is not enough to convince you, here are some of the benefits of using specialized technology and software for your company’s video production needs!

The Benefits of Opting For Arc Studios

As you have read above, at Arc Studios, we have some of the best equipment out there! Here are some of the benefits of opting for us for your next video project:

Approve It All Before We Begin

Since most of our technology includes most special effects during the filming process, it’s a lot easier for us to show you what your finished project will look like before we even start shooting. This gives you the chance to tell us what you think is right and what is wrong – we can put your edits in even before we start!

Control the Lighting

Our LED Volume technology enables us to have some amazing quality lighting that cannot be beaten – it will give your videos the edge and crisp quality it needs to compete with all the other companies out there!

This amazing technology allows us to be extremely flexible with the lighting; even in our indoor facility, you can adjust the lighting for a daytime or a nighttime setting. Instead of being at the mercy of the sun and its natural light, you can have your desired lighting for as long as you like!

Get the Location You Want Whenever You Want

When you come to Arc Studios for video production, you do not have to travel miles and miles for the perfect location – we’ll build you the perfect location right here in our facility!

The best thing is you can help us with the design process! Let us know if something is out of place or if something is not right – we will be happy to adjust anything for you according to your specifications!

Get Your Final Project Faster Than Ever

All the equipment we have helps us save time and, let’s face it, money. With everything happening in-house, we save hours trying to find the perfect location and lighting. We save even more time in the post-production process as most effects are included in the filming process!

This helps us get your project to you faster than ever – you can count on us to get your video to you as fast as lightning strikes the ground!

All these benefits are made possible by our tech partners, including:

  1. Pixel Flex
  2. Disguise
  3. Unreal Engine
  4. Brompton Technology
  5. Stype

Our partners help us get a hand on state-of-the-art video equipment, helping you bring your idea to life!

At Arc Studios, we believe in the power of storytelling. It’s not just the narrative that is important; viewers must have all their senses lightened to experience a story truly. And with all the technology we have available, we do just that! Our product is immersive, gets every single detail right, and will surely achieve any goal you have for it!Have we convinced you yet? We believe Arc Studios is the future of virtual video production. To get more information about us and what we do, you can visit our website, www.arcstudios.tv. To get a consultation, send us an email at hello@arcstudios.tv, give us a call at 615-205-8638, or visit us at 11 Willow Street 2, Nashville, Tennessee. We can’t wait to hear from you – we are here to turn your vision into reality!