If your first thought was about the game – no, today we would like to talk about how to remove shadow from photo. We think everyone has faced such a problem as the wrong light for the photo, as a result of which you have the wrong shadow, which spoils the whole picture. Sometimes photographers fail to take pictures, as it is impossible to make a beautiful photo in the wrong lighting. If you want to fix this flaw specifically to remove shadow from photo, to make it beautiful and neat, you must spend a couple of months studying this issue. It is unlikely that you will have so much free time, especially for a case that can take only 5 minutes in our photo editor RetouchMe.

New shooting or photo editor on phone? 

Unfortunately, usually shooting can be spoiled by incorrect light and it is really a big problem, because you spend your time and money, as a result you get photos, which cannot be published. How to solve this?

  1. Find the app RetouchMe in Play Market or App Store.
  2. Choose a photo which needs to be edited.
  3. Select what tools are necessary. In our photo editor you can do various manipulations with the lighting – make brighter or darker photos, highlight the darkened fate or vice versa, while preserving the color and natural beauty of the skin.
  4. After this you should send it to our redactors who will make this for you in 5 minutes.

Moreover, you can test various solutions of lightning and pick your favorite. In our program we gathered professional tools, which will help you to create new transformed picture with correct shadows. Agree that it is better to send photos to professionals and get photos even better than before, while not wasting time and money on the training of this art.

Perfect photo lighting

This feature is very useful, because we cannot regulate for example live lighting and turn the sun on the side we need. But, the shadow retouch function will help you make your photo perfect, while highlighting your beautiful face and hair color, which were in shadows. If you think it’s enough to take a photo in a fashion magazine and retouch your face, you’re wrong. In order to bring the picture to the ideal you need to apply a number of tools and spend hours editing every detail, especially shadows. As an example, you want to draw the shadow of an object on paper, but not the fact that you will succeed, as it requires certain skills and experience of drawing. Editing shadows in digital format also requires basic knowledge from you too.