Whether you’re just starting your first year in a dorm or have moved into a student flat, let’s face it, some places don’t feel homey. Moving from your parents’ house to a student accommodation and live independently is a whole new and exciting experience for a student.   

Walls that could use more than a little paint, dull carpets that look like they’ve been on the floor for years, and obviously mismatched furniture. Anyone on a small student budget will have had the pleasure of moving into a flat like this.

Even if you live in a brand new house or a newly built dorm, you’ll want to give your space a personal touch and make it a little more homey. Of course, you still want to have enough money left over to eat out (or, more importantly, to go out), so these tips are all cheap and easy. Moreover, with a few changes and addition you can make a house a home.

Take all the weird and ugly pictures off the walls

This is especially true for student housing. Why do landlords decide to hang the worst decorations they can find? Sure, they may be trying to hide the peeling walls, but you’ll wish they hadn’t bothered. Once you get the keys to your new house, take everything down and hide it under the sofa or in a closet until the day you move out. Honestly, just do it.

Be sure to organise a trip to the nearest supermarket

Once you have your own Student Accommodation London, you’re technically an adult, and a trip to the shop will undoubtedly be the highlight of your week. Grab your roommates and see what cheap and cheerful treasures you can find. From candles to plants, rugs to plates, you really can find it all here. Also, go first thing in the morning because breakfast is to die for.

Invest some time to label each door in the house with beautiful stickers

Sure, it may seem childish, but why not? Decorating your doors with stickers is a nice and easy way to add some personality to your home or accommodation. Plus, you’re less likely to stumble into the wrong room when you get home late from a night out! We purchased these stickers at Poundland. It’s a steal! Just make sure anything you use comes off easily and doesn’t cause any damage – you need to get your deposit back!

Just dress up any old-fashioned furniture

Shop for tableware

Now is the perfect time to invest in new patterned plates, funky glasses and cups, and colourful flatware. You can usually buy most of the individual items cheaply at stores or supermarkets.

Add plants and flowers

Nothing makes a room look and smell more beautiful than plants and flowers. Scatter them around every room, but don’t forget to water them! You’ll get an instant freshness boost that a can of air freshener can’t beat. You can also find some really cool flower pots or create your own with glitter and paint.

Organise yourself – in style

Buy a house calendar and hang it in the kitchen or living room. In it, you can write down all your appointments and planned evenings to keep everyone in the loop. You can also hang one in your own room. Super organisation!

Get creative with your wall decorations

Remember how I told you to get all that weird artwork off the walls? Pennants are a nice alternative. You could spend an afternoon making them yourself, find them online or in stores, or even ask your grandma to make you some. They look so pretty. If pennants aren’t your thing, posters work too. Another idea is to hang photos. Have your favourite photos of you and your friends printed out and hang them on the wall with string and clothespins. It’s easy to do, a great way to relive past university memories, and looks creative.

Make the bathroom as comfortable as possible

Bathrooms in university dorms are pretty barren standard. However, little things like a patterned shower curtain and a pretty toothbrush holder will instantly make the room look a bit more homey. They’re only cheap, so why not?

Turn your bedroom into a cosy place to relax

After you’ve participated in beautifying the common areas, you have free rein in your bedroom. Decorate the walls with memories, photos, fairy lights or posters. Get fancy bedding, Primark has some good ones for a small price. Put up as many ornaments, mementos, plants and candles as you like and put your own stamp on your personal retreat.