Samsung is one of the leading TV brands in the world with many quality product lines and modern technologies and utilities, bringing an explosive audio-visual experience to users. In particular, Samsung’s 55-inch TV series is still the most sought-after product because of its smart design and perfect picture and sound quality. Join us to take a look at a thorough review 55 inch samsung in this article!

1. Ultra-thin AirSlim design like never before!

The Super Samsung 55-inch TV series has an unprecedented ultra-thin AirSlim design, with a thickness of only 17.8mm. This is the perfect thickness to make the TV more compact, elegant, and sophisticated than any other TV. Therefore, it can be suitable for any interior space from a living room, or bedroom to a meeting room or classroom,.

AirSlim design with perfect thickness makes the TV lighter and more elegant

Moreover, the AirSlim design also helps to expand the display screen space, making viewers feel like they are immersed in the real world in each frame. With the ultra-thin AirSlim design, the Samsung 55-inch TV series is not only an entertainment device but also a work of art, a subtle highlight for any installation space.

The AirSlim design also helps to expand the display space, making viewers feel like they are immersed in the real world.

2. Perfect cinematic experience in every color shade

With its high resolution and advanced display technology, Samsung’s 55-inch TV is truly an incredible visual experience. Quantum Lite 4k processor upscales 4K standard picture quality, integrated with AI automatically analyzes source content, eliminates image noise, and reproduces lost details, giving you a realistic visual experience and lively.

The perfect borderless cinematic experience with advanced imaging technologies

In addition, Super UHD Dimming technology enhances the ability to display color and image details, intelligently automatically calculates, and fine-tunes unique contrasting colors. Quantum Dot technology brings an impressive and engaging experience in every movie, every scene. Images appear natural thanks to the ability to reproduce 100% of the color range. Moreover, Samsung 55-inch TVs are also integrated with Quantum HDR technology to help improve color accuracy and optimize contrast effectively.

As one of Samsung’s 55-inch “hit” products, the 55-inch Samsung 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV model UA55BU8000 not only possesses an ultra-thin Airslim design, but it is also a smart device that helps you experience a complete cinematic experience. Perfect with impressive colors and standard 4K images.

UA55BU8000 has an ultra-thin Air Slim design that helps you experience the perfect cinema with impressive colors and standard 4K images.

Especially at Manh Nguyen, thanks to the sales model at the warehouse, the Samsung 55BU8000 TV model has a lower price than the market price ~ 13 million (updated in August 2023), currently only 9,990,000 VND. Hurry up to Manh Nguyen to have the opportunity to own this cult TV model with the most attractive offers.

3. Immerse yourself in spatial surround sound

Samsung 55-inch TV series not only focuses on picture quality but also delivers a superior audio experience, giving users the feeling of being in a movie theater. Adaptive Sound technology uses artificial intelligence to optimize the sound for each viewing content based on the ability to analyze the context, providing a realistic experience with the most perfect sound quality.

Multi-dimеnsional surround sound for a cinеma-likе listеning еxpеriеncе

With Q-Symphony tеchnology,  thе sound of thе TV is synchronizеd harmoniously,  hеlping to crеatе thе ultimatе еntеrtainmеnt spacе,  covеring a livеly spacе.  You can bе immеrsеd in a multi-dimеnsional sound spacе,  and fееl еvеry еcho and sound dеtail with clarity,  crеating an audio еxpеriеncе similar to that of a thеatеr or moviе thеatеr.  

4. Comfortably relax with a smart connection

Samsung 55-inch TVs are equipped with the most advanced and intelligent connectivity features. This allows users to comfortably relax and enjoy a variety of entertainment content from different sources. Thе TV can connеct to othеr dеvicеs such as phonеs,  computеrs,  or smart homе dеvicеs,  crеating convеniеncе for usеrs.

Thе TV can connеct to othеr dеvicеs such as phonеs,  computеrs or smart homе dеvicеs,  crеating convеniеncе for usеrs.  

Moreover, you can also easily share content from your phone to the big screen, or control the TV by voice via Bixby, Google Assistant or Alexa virtual assistant. The TV also comes with many popular entertainment applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Zing TV, or FPT Play, giving you the freedom to choose your favorite content without paying any additional licensing costs.

Enjoy the unique entertainment treasures of 55-inch Samsung TVs completely free of charge

Currently, the 55-inch Samsung 55QN700B Neo QLED 8K Smart TV model is storming the market when it is both equipped with high-quality image and sound technologies and integrated with smart connections to help maximize the experience, giving users great entertainment moments with relatives and family.

Currently at Manh Nguyen, the Samsung 55QN700B TV model is being discounted up to 43% (the market price was updated in August 2023 at VND 39,890,000), only VND 29,680,000. With the sales model at the warehouse, you can rest assured that the price offered by Manh Nguyen is always the “REAL” price, “says NO to the virtual price” as well as product quality and service quality.

Manh Nguyen offers genuine 55-inch Samsung TVs with thousands of attractive offers

Thus, Samsung’s 55-inch TV is a remarkable product with optimal design and many advanced features and technologies. This not only provides a great entertainment experience for users but also increases the aesthetics of the installation space.

However, choosing a reputable supplier for the 55-inch Samsung TV product line is quite difficult because on the market today, there are many cases of buying fake goods, imitation goods, or being caught in the virtual price trap of the manufacturer. Many suppliers are not reputable.

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