A beard transplant is a relatively new and innovative procedure that helps men to restore their facial hair. It is an effective solution for men who cannot grow a full beard due to genetic factors or the effects of ageing. This guide will look at the benefits of a beard transplant, the procedure itself and how it can help you achieve your desired look. 

Benefits of beard transplant 

A beard transplant can improve a man’s facial hair, strengthen his beard, or fill in bald spots. It will leave patients with a natural, permanent appearance that goes well with the structure and pattern of their hair and other areas of their face. Men without facial hair (including FTM transgender patients) can get a beard that suits their unique preferences. Also growing a beard, men often feel more masculine and confident. 

Beard transplant techniques 

Hair restoration surgeons will use one of two beard transplant methods when implanting a beard. The main difference between the two hair transplant methods is how the surgeon obtains the hair from the donor. Another notable difference between these two methods is the type of scars that remain after surgery.

  • Follicular Transplantation, or FUT, involves the removal of long hairs and thin skin in the donor area. The place can be the side or the back of the head or another part of the body where the hair grows.
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE) involves taking individual hairs from a single donor. The surgeon uses a small punch to remove the fruit, leaving the patient with several small scars in the donor area.

So if you’re tired of cutting and waxing or prefer to avoid the risks associated with surgery, a beard transplant procedure may be proper for you.