Cannabis cultivation is a hobby many people are picking up today. However, growing cannabis isn’t like growing many other plants, so a person must know what steps to take to produce breathtaking buds. An abundant harvest starts with quality seeds, so what should a grower look for when making this purchase? 

Seed Color

When browsing a marijuana seed selection, look for those seeds that have a light to dark brown color. This shows the seeds are healthy and viable. Light green seeds and those with a whitish color aren’t fully developed, so planting them won’t produce the desired results.

In addition, ensure the seed coat has a pattern that resembles a turtle shell, as healthy seeds have this pattern. Some seeds look like they have tiger stripes rather than a turtle shell, and these seeds are viable as well. The seed coat should have a waxy coating, as this protects the seed. If the seed looks dull, it probably won’t germinate. 

Shape and Texture

Healthy seeds resemble a plump teardrop. If the seed is misshapen or flat, the plants won’t be of high quality. When feeling the seeds, ensure they are firm. Tender and squishy seeds won’t produce healthy plants. 

Size and Weight

Although it may not be possible to set several seeds side by side to compare them, do so whenever possible. High-quality seeds will be larger. If the seeds cannot be laid out in this manner, ask for the weight of the seeds.

Quality seeds typically weigh more. They have more energy, which makes it more probable that they will result in a productive plant. As a seed ages, it loses moisture and nutrients, so it weighs less. However, Indica seeds are typically larger than their Sativa counterparts, so make certain to compare similar seeds. 

Do a Float Test

Place the cannabis seeds in water. If they sink, they are healthy seeds. The water must be room temperature and completely cover all seeds being tested for this to work. Allow the seeds to sit for a few hours and discard any that are floating when this period ends. However, only conduct this test when it is time to plant the seeds. Never store seeds after they have been in water. 

Seed Cost

Although a high price doesn’t always mean a quality seed, this is a factor a person should consider when making this purchase. Quality cannabis seeds cost significantly more than other agricultural seeds. However, inferior seeds may also come with a high price tag, so this is only one of several factors that should be considered when making a purchase. Just keep in mind that any deal that appears to be too good to be true probably should be avoided. 

Seller Considerations

While it is nice to support a hobbyist attempting to start their own business, so when purchasing cannabis seeds, stick with reputable suppliers. They have a business to support and will take measures to ensure client satisfaction. 

Keep in mind this industry is rapidly advancing. A quality seed may lack one or more characteristics outlined above. On the other hand, it may have characteristics not mentioned in this list. It falls on the grower to research the supplier, the strain, and more. This is not a purchase a person should make on a whim, as there are too many factors to consider when buying seeds.