Generally, in a software design, developers run services along with managing its fundamental infrastructure. But in Serverless Architecture, the developers are not responsible for managing and provisioning the service. It is solved by the cloud provider where you as a developer are focused on writing code or business logic. In Serverless Architecture or Serverless Computing, the application still runs on servers by a third-party service and the developers don’t have to provision, scale or maintain servers to run your application databases or storage systems.

Why is Serverless Architecture used?

By using Serverless Architecture, developers can focus on their core product instead of being concerned about managing and operating servers.

Working on Serverless Architecture

An application’s business logic is accessed by allowing users to communicate with the application. However, managing servers takes considerable time and resources. Teams maintain security and software updates, maintain the server hardware and create backups in case of failures. 

Function as a service (FaaS) is one of the most popular Serverless Architecture. The developers write their application codes as a set of discrete functions where each function performs a particular task when triggered by an event such as cron jobs or emails or HTTP. After stages of testing, the developers along with their triggers deploy their functions to the account of the cloud provider. The cloud provider either executes the function or spins up a new server to execute the function if no server is currently running.

AWS Lambda is the first mainstream FaaS platform introduced by Amazon where a majority of developers use it to build serverless applications.

Working of AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda has developed its own infrastructure known as Firecracker. Firecracker is the micro virtual machine infrastructure that allows the creation of the small micro VMS in which the lambda runs.

Why does lambda not use containers?

The reason why lambda does not use containers but instead relies on full-blown booting machines is that virtual machines are more secure than containers. It also offers more segregated access as compared to containers.

Benefits and challenges of Serverless Architecture

Starting from global corporations to small startups, there has been a significant increase in serverless adaptation in recent years. The reasons for leveraging serverless architecture are:

  • Productivity: The delivery cycles get accelerated as the developers that use serverless simply deploy their code without having to manage any servers.
  • Cost: The payment for unused servers is saved. So, there is an overall profit.
  • Loss of Control: Since in a serverless environment, there is a lack of control over the software stack that the code runs on. So, one can always depend on a cloud provider if there is a hardware fault or data center outrage.

Use of Serverless Architecture

Serverless Architecture is used to perform short-lived tasks and manage infrequent or unpredictable traffic workload management. The main uses include:

  • Trigger-based tasks: For serverless architecture, there has to be a user activity triggering a series of events. 
  • Security checks: On spinning up a new container, a function is invoked to scan the misconfiguration or vulnerability. Functions can also be used for two-step verification.

Tools supporting Serverless Architecture

Providers like AWS and SAM offer serverless training tools to locally test serverless applications before deployment. Serverless security tools also scan functions for vulnerability. Once the serverless application is built, its health and performance need to be checked.

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Delivering solutions that revolutionize ways of doing business

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  • Upgrading Legacy Applications: Developers helps leverage existing legacy IT applications by redesigning and enhancing them according to new technology standards. It analyzes how to make the outdated legacy applications more efficient without removing them. The developers work on technical architecture review, migration to newer platforms and refinement of development practices while upgrading legacy applications.
  • Customizing Third Party Applications: With the open-source platform as well as products, tailor-made solutions can be created with the help of custom development and integration. Apart from that, the applications can be customized into applications according to business needs making sure they fit well into business solutions.

Increasing Customer Value and Shortening Development Cycle

  • Technology Consulting: Technology consulting integration is ensured in every project. By thorough evaluation of product needs and available technology stacks, the technology experts help to pick the most appropriate option. Whether a business idea needs to be implemented or a business problem needs to be solved, Developers helps to create the perfect technological roadmap for businesses.
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  • Technical Risk Reduction: All the solutions focus on technical risk reduction by the development of a technical architectural design as well as a fully functional backbone that is cost-efficient and easy to manage and integrate with third-party applications as a compelling and innovative software doesn’t just need immersive user experience and beautiful interface but also a strong backend that withstands any problems that may arise.

Perfect Technological Roadmaps for Business

  • Web Apps and Portals: We offers reflecting web application development services that transform innovative ideas into fully functioning software. THe  developers deliver a rich user experience, keeping in mind the mobile-centric web and cross-platform reality. With the front-end expertise of the developers, the availability and scalability are prioritized while building, designing and running web systems at scale.
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