When a team of people are engaged in productive work, it results into massive positive results. A sales engagement platform forms a very crucial part of a sales team’s operations.  Depending on what sales engagement platform you select for your team, the productivity and the effectiveness of your team will be affected. It is said that sales engagement software and tools also improve customer service.

To be able to choose the most suitable platform for your team, you will have to look at specific functionalities of these tools and platforms and how they benefit your team.

Sales engagement platforms keep a track on everything including sales training and coaching. It also helps in aligning everyone’s interests and helps keep the team in loop.

How sales engagement is enabled!

  1. Content should be relevant and accessible at the same time.

When a content resource is created, the company might feel it has done its job in providing its personnel the resources it needs. But if the content resources aren’t accessible, and they aren’t relevant, the effectiveness of the same will decrease immensely.

  1. Engage inter-team events (even if they are virtual)

Since, in person meetings have come to a halt, it is advisable that interaction between members is still conducted through inter-team meetings and events. Events keep the team morale high and help in retention of instructions and tasks.

  1. Make use of technology to keep a track of engagement rates (Application Programming Interface)

Sometimes (read: most of the time) APIs are needed to determine what works and what doesn’t in a team. There are some tricks that work in sales engagement, and some plainly fail. Tools like excel sheets, digital planners and lists help in simplification of tasks as well as in keeping tabs on the same. These APIs also help in filling gaps between the different tiers of hierarchy leading to inclusion of every person involved.


Benefits of the Sales Engagement Software!

  1. Tracking of Engagement rate is made easy

Without the use of Sales Engagement software, it would become a tedious task to keep a track of the engagement rates. The manual result would also be highly susceptible to human errors and it would not be wise to judge its accuracy. It would be even trickier to attest to year end goals (e.g., sales, collaborations, deals).

  1. Converting leads into deals

A company’s efficiency is measured in how many leads are generated and how many of them actually become collaborations. Hence, it is essential that sale listings are made and tasks are assigned. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the efficient use of a sales engagement software.

The software also helps in sales cycle times. This results in more time to engage in with newer and fresher prospects, indirectly leading to an increase in revenue.

  1. Productivity management

An increase in productivity is a direct benefit incurred due to the use of Sales Engagement Software. Monotonous nature of the tasks can sometimes lead to less productivity. The sales engagement software helps in erasing the monotonous nature of the task by rotating the resources and assigning different tasks from time to time.


Tools available to increase Sales Engagement

Availability of tools that enable proper channels of communication:

  1. Email Tracking and Templates
  2. Call Tracking and recording
  3. Routing of conversations
  4. Sales sequences generation

Audience engagement features:

  1. Sales automation mails and prompts
  2. Meeting scheduling
  3. Live chats and automated chatbots
  4. Customizable options for reporting of queries and suggestions

Maintenance of a sales pipeline:

  1. Quote creation
  2. End to end reporting of sales
  3. Sales Management tricks
  4. Multiple currencies’ availability

Ways to increase Sales Engagement!

  1. Know your audience:

Your potential customer is almost non-existent. Every customer is different and so are their demands. Hence, to increase sales engagement, you should provide customized care focusing on prospects that promise to convert into long term customers. You can work with ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and work from there, but in the end, the allocation of efforts and resources will depend on individual salesperson

  1. Consider pain points when strategizing

Over your tenure, you will see a lot of customers. You will have a rough idea on what the issues are. Build around those issues when forming the next plan and strategizing your pitch. It will help to empathize with them.

  1. The right cadence is the key

As you create a sales cadence to contact prospective customers, it is absolutely necessary to cover all bases in connecting them. This includes phone, email, texts and social media profiles.

  1. Inclusion of success stories

When pitching, it becomes key to give the prospectus the right impression. This includes building on your company’s success story. A successful might just be what you need to make the prospectus trust you and invest in you. A case study or a customer review will go a long way in doing the same.

In conclusion, here are a few notable features of a Sales Engagement Software.

  1. Email compatibility: email tracking and notifier
  2. Integration with Customer Relation Management (CRM) system: Automatic documentation of customers across platforms
  3. Email metrics: Click throughs, Open and reads analysis
  4. Sales engaging tracking: Traces how long a customer spent looking at the pitch
  5. Email templates: formal pre-written templates for easy set-up and customization
  6. Sales campaign management: Sorting of templates, leads, cadences and leads
  7. Emailing of Sales reports: Automatic email blasts to sales representatives about lead generation.
  8. Content suggestions: Suggests the best course of action in terms of content according to what the audience likes.
  9. Email scheduling: Schedules meetings and sends reminders to the concerned personnel.
  10. Sales email automation: Sends follow up mails to sales rep to take updates
  11. Click to call services: Brings the customer closer to the sales rep through direct connecting
  12. Sales prediction and intelligence: Predicts future clients or projects prospective ones based on previous accounts and customers. Uses third party data sources as well to create prospect profiles.

It is amazing how much load a Sales Engagement Software can do if selected properly and utilized to a maximum extent. Sales Engagement tools are often used to ease the load of so many sales reps. Sales Engagement Software should be carefully picked from a hoard to suit your company’s needs and so that it integrates well with your work culture.