Different people do different things for their daily bread. Some people sell sneakers to earn money. If you have brought one pair of sneakers and you regret purchasing them, you can get rid of those sneakers in the most efficient and beneficial ways. Interesting?

The website StockX is the perfect example for this purpose. The sneaker is just an example as you do not necessarily have to sell sneakers. You can sell everything ranging from hoodies and sneakers to everyday items. You can also purchase things for your daily use. StockX is one of the most reliable websites from where you can get the most authentic products. Authenticity is the biggest feature of this website.

This website works similar to the stock exchange. The seller puts the price for which he is willing to sell the product. The buyer bids the price for which he can afford to purchase the product. This is the working of StockX, and the deal is closed when the bidding and asking prices are the same.

In this trade, StockX acts as the best and the most reliable platform. The seller sends the products, such as shoes, to StockX. StockX determines whether the shoe or the product is authentic or unused.

Selling on StockX

You might be interested in knowing the steps to sell on StockX. The first step is to get yourself registered on StockX. You need to visit their website and click on the Sign Up page in the upper right corner for this purpose. It is up to a person whether he wants to register with Twitter or Facebook.

After entering your name, you can decide the product you are interested in using StockX. For example, if you are interested in sneakers, you need to select sneakers. You will see a variety of sizes. You need to choose the right shoe size. Once you have chosen a size, you do not always have to choose it, as it will be automatically selected. Press Sign up, and you are logged in to the website. You can also change the currency displayed in the upper right corner.

To sell

If you are interested in selling, you have to click on the red button next to the currency selection button.

The first step is to set a selling price for selling the products. You will have to send the product within two days to StockX and get the label shipped from them.

They will ensure the authenticity of the product. Unworn and unused products are sent to the buyers. You will get money from the buyer, excluding the fee.

It is to be mentioned that there will be a 15% penalty if you do not send the products to StockX within two days. As soon as there is a match between bidding and selling price, the deal is closed and cannot be cancelled.

Then, you will have to press the red “I understand” button and choose the products you are willing to sell.

People have been asking questions like how long does stockX take to ship?  StockX tries to ship all the orders within 7-12 working days, excluding holidays and weekends. You can get the tracking information on the website.

Another question people can’t stop asking is – Is StockX a Stock trading platform ??? No it is not a stock trading platform it is a Ecommerce website where you find rare clothes as well shoes (mostly shoes). The shoes that are hard to find elsewhere I bet you find them on StockX.

I hope this blog clarifies all doubts in you mind about this cool website.

Pic Credit: StockX